Rotary Club of Durham Assembly Minutes

 November 10, 2020


Members Present: Larry Bradley, Steve Plume, Jen Liu, Glenn Pulliam, Jim Patterson, Jim Kirks, Kristen Cargile, Eric Hoiland, Mike Crump, Ravi Saip and Mike Wacker



Jen opened the meeting and asked Steve Plume to lead the flag salute. Jim Patterson gave the invocation. Steve Plume was recognized $5 for forgetting some of the words to the pledge and Mike Crump was recognized $10 for a political comment.


There were no visiting Rotarians or guests and no program because this was a Club Assembly.


Crab Feed Discussion:

The discussion began with the suggestion that we pursue the option of soliciting donations from community members rather than trying to serve a drive-thru meal. With this in mind several suggestions followed:

-          Use our crab feed ticket sales list as a starting point for potential donors

-          Solicit former scholarship recipients and their families

-          Include some sort of raffle

-          Combine donation with raffle. Possible example: for every $25 donated,  you get an additional chance at winning

-          Make crab the prize

-          Make 5 baskets for prizes including crab, wine etc.


After much discussion Kristen made a motion to proceed with idea of soliciting donations for our scholarship programs along with some sort of raffle prize(s) built in. Larry seconded the motion and the motion carried. Jen appointed Kristen as the chairperson. Kristen will begin working on the flyer/letter and the raffle items. Jen is going to look into the price of crab for the raffle.


It was discussed that we want the emphasis to be on supporting our youth programs (scholarships, Camp Royal, Camp Venture) and not the raffle. Further discussion will be ongoing.



Next Meeting:  November 17, Kristen Cargile will present Arwyn Rodriguera from the Salvation Army.