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January 12th, 2016


The  2016 Crab Feed will be held on January 16, 2016


2016                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary



1 2
3 4 5
Club Election
1) Club Officer Elections (Secretary & Treasurer for 2016-17 and President Elect Nominee for 2017-18)
2) Foundation Election
(Tom Vanella)
6 7 8 9
10 11 12
Club Assembly- Crab Feed Preparation
(Chris Hatch)
13 14 15
Crab Feed at Durham Memorial Hall
17 18 19
No Meeting due to Crab Feed
20 21 22 23
24 25 26
(Daryl Polk)
27 28 29 30


1 2
(Clint Guss)
3 4 5 6
7 8 9
Valentine's Day Party
(Mary Sakuma)
10 11 12 13
14 15 16
No Meeting
due to Presidents' Day
17 18 19 20
21 22 23
(Norm Larsen)
24 25 26 27
Chowder Cook Off at Corning (Rolling Hills Casino)
28 29

President Mike Wacker opened the meeting by asking J. R. Gallagher to lead the pledge, which he did.  He then asked Larry Bradley to lead the club in a song.  He led us in “God Bless America”.  Jim Patterson then gave the invocation.


Gee, I go out of the country and this old hag returns the missing Club Bell.


President Mike reported that Jim Kirks was injured while visiting in Seattle.  He has had back surgery and is in Enloe Hospital.  Mike passed a “ get well” card around for members to sign.




January 16th:  Crab Feed


January 19th:  No Meeting due to Crab Feed.


January 26th:  Daryl Polk


February 2nd:  Clint Goss


February 9th:  Mary Sakuma’s Valentine’s Day Party


February 16th:  No Meeting.


February 23rd: Norman Larson


February 27th:  Chowder Cook Off at Corning Rotary


March 1st:  Brian Aguar


March 8th:  Steve Plume will present Don Krysakowski from the Work Training Center.


March 15th:  Corn Beef Feed at Memorial Hall


March 22nd:  Larry Bradley


March 29th:  Bruce Miller





Bruce Miller introduced Student of the Month (November) Mitchel Caswell and his mother, Cindy Caswell.  He also introduced Student of the Month (December) Jack Murphy and his parents Ann and Mike Murphy.


Steve Greenwood introduced Chico Sunrise Club member, Susie and Jose Bravo.


Ravi Saip introduced his program for the evening, Brian Marshall, Butte County Sheriff’s Department Sargent.


Steve Plume’s table had no visitor and each member at that table contributed $1 each. 




The next meeting is the Crab Feed this Saturday.  Due to the Crab Feed and Martin Luther King Day, there will be no meeting on January 19th.  Daryl Polk will have a program at BCCC on January 26th.






It is this Saturday.  Let's make this the most successful Durham Rotary Crab Feed yet.


(1) Keep our quality the same. People have come to expect it.

(2) Adhere to our cleanliness and sanitary procedures. The Kitchen and Serving crew have done a great job.


2016 Durham Rotary Crab Feed Work Assignments and Schedule


Chairman: Chris Hatch

Co-Chairman: Steve Greenwood

                         Steve Plume

Committees and Chairs:

1)            Kitchen Committee: set up 5:00 pm wash dishes, pick up food 3:30 pm                       a) Larry Bradley – Chair

b)      Committee Members:

1)            Clint Goss

2)            Chris Hatch

3)            Brian Aguiar

4)            Spiteri’s  Deli

5)            J.R. Gallagher


2)            Serving Committee: set-up 6:00 pm

             a) Glen Pullian – Chair

                        b) Committee Members:

1)              Travis Edsall

2)              Ravi Saip

3)              Jim Patterson

4)              Daryl Polk

5)              Interact Club

6)              Len Forman


3)            Set up Committee: Decorations/theme, order Rotary Brochures for 1 at each place. Have cards made indicating Rotary’s value to Durham. Set up tables at 4:30 pm

a)      Phil Price - Chair

b)      Committee Members:

1)   Dar Meyer

2)   Jim Kirks

3)   Interact Club – 4

4)   Bob Olea


4)            Bar and soft drink Committee: Set up at 4:30 pm

   a) Jen Liu – Chair

b)      Steve Greenwood – Co-Chair

c)       Committee Members:

1)   Bruce Miller

2)   Mary Sakuma


5)            Ticket Sales Committee: Could possibly hand the Rotary Brochures                            And Scholarship donation here.  Set up at 5:00 pm

              a) Steve Plume – Chair/Cash Boxes

b)     KR Robertson-Co-Chair

c)      Committee Members:

1)            Mike Wacker                         

2)            Floyd Miller

3)            Tom Vanella


6)            Silent Auction

              a) Roy Ellis

                         b) Chris Hatch


7)            Clean up - ALL


Chowder Cook Off


The annual Chowder Cook Off will take place at the Corning Club on February 27th.  Our members Mary Sakuma, Jen Liu, Travis Edsall and Bruce Miller are expected to compete again.


Updating the Websites


The members are asked to go in the Club website at , click on “members”.  Then scroll down to your name, clicking on it to bring up the page with your information.  Then email Jen giving him any corrections, changes, and missing information. 


You will also receive an email from Tom Vanella asking that you update the information Rotary International has.


Please Do both!



Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings, and to the Crab Feed.    



Jen Liu missed last week’s meeting visiting his daughter in New York.  He contributed $50.


Steve Greenwood missed the last 2 meetings.  He contributed $20.


Phil Price missed the last meeting while taking his daughter to Cabo San Lucas.  He argued that that was still California.  He was asked to contribute $50 but suggested that he trade a $54 receipt for table cloths (Crab Fee) for the contribution.  He was then recognized for his 57th Anniversary in the amount of $43. 


Glenn Pulliam also missed the last meeting while in Mexico.  His contribution of $50 will be waived if he produces desert at the January 26th meeting.


Students of the Month


In Roy’s absence, President Mike introduce Mitch Caswell (left) and Jack Murphy (right) our Students of the Month for November and December.  Each talked a little bit about the other.





Ravi Saip introduce Brian Marshall a Sargent in the Butte County Sheriff’s Department’s Civil Division.  He talked about what the Civil Division does, which is serving levies, foreclosure orders, court papers, etc.  He discussed how he got into law enforcement and what he is going to do upon his upcoming retirement, which includes reselling used legos.  Then he answered many questions from members.

Must Be Present To Win

Daryl Polk was present to win the drawing of that name.


From Rotary International:


Clubs battle hunger in Missouri with ‘food fight’

Rotary members from Columbia, Missouri, USA, volunteer at a regional food bank.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of District 6080 (Missouri, USA)

Though the media tends to focus on underdeveloped countries when the subject is hunger, food scarcity is also a problem in the United States.

Consider parts of Missouri, where one of every six people goes hungry, according to the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri.

Rotary member Steve Dulle wanted to change that. For his induction as this year’s governor of District 6080, he eschewed a traditional installation featuring fine food and formal wear. Instead, he asked members throughout the district to collect nonperishable provisions and volunteer at local food banks and pantries on the day that he took office. And he launched a monthlong “food fight” that pit clubs in the northern part of his district against those in the south to see who could collect the most food.

The north won — as did the area’s hungry residents. Rotary members, Rotaractors, and their families and friends collected more than 10,000 pounds of food and raised nearly $19,000 for Missouri’s food pantries.

“I wanted to start off my year with an example of what it should primarily portray, namely a dedication to service,” says Dulle. “This was the first time we did a service project for our district — it united us.”

The Rotary Club of Jefferson City Breakfast took top honors for the amount of food brought in, collecting more than 2,500 pounds of nonperishable items outside a supermarket on Saturdays in July. The Rotary Club of Columbia-Metro contributed the most labor, volunteering 258 hours at the Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri. And the Columbia South, Fulton and Jefferson City Evening clubs collected the most money for the cause, more than $2,000 each.

Rotary members and guests even repackaged nearly 5,000 pounds of Rice Krispies for local food pantries. Dulle says that a volunteer stood on a ladder and shoveled the cereal from a 15-foot box into a large pan, which was eventually divided by others into serving sizes for innumerable plastic containers ready for delivery.

Local Rotaract members pitched in as well.

“Coordinated projects like these are able to take service projects to another level,” says Jolyn Sattizahn, president of the Rotaract Club of Columbia, who helped with the effort.

Of the 49 clubs in the district, 36 participated in the initiative.

Larry Price, president of the Rotary Club of Mountain View, says he’ll never forget volunteering at an Ozarks Food Harvest pantry.

“Frankly, I had no idea that so many people in Mountain View were being served at this site,” he says. “And the beneficiaries of the program were quick to express their appreciation to the volunteers as they made their way around the tables.”

Dulle’s 28 June installation as district governor, at the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, was atypical. There was no banquet, attendees wore shorts, and the governor was sworn in during a lunch break. He wouldn’t have done it any differently.

“It was important that the project be hands-on so we could better feel the service we were doing,” he says. “Because of the project, clubs are continuing to work with their food banks.”

And that promises to make a dent in the district’s hunger problem in the years to come.

By David Sweet

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