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March 8th, 2016


The  2016 Harvest Festival will be held on September 18, 2016


2016                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary



Sarah Gamble, a DHS graduate and scholarship recipient -  Update on her current achievements and future plans
(Brian Aguiar)
2 3 4 5
6 7 8
Don Krysakowski from the Work Training Center
(Steve Plume)
9 10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18 19
Saint Patrick's Day Corn Beef Feed at Memorial Hall
20 21 22
Peggy Moak, Butte County Treasurer-Tax Collector

(Larry Bradley)
23 24 25 26
27 28 29
Pam and Brian Gray of the Paradise Club talking about their motorcycle trip to Sturgis

(Glenn Pulliam)
30 31


  1 2
3 4 5
(Travis Edsall)
6 7 8 9
3rd Annual Durham Rotary/Interact Joint Stop Hunger Now event at DHS's Multipurpose Room
10 11 12
(Dave Jessen)
13 14 15 16
17 18 19
(Bruce Miller)
20 21 22 23
24 25 26
(Ravi Saip)
27 28 29 30

In President Mike Wacker absence Larry Bradley opened the meeting by asking Steve Greenwood to lead the pledge, which he did.  Jim Kirks then gave the invocation.




March 15th:  No Meeting


March 19th: Corn Beef Feed at Memorial Hall.  This is a meeting of record.


March 22nd:  Larry Bradley will present Peggy Moak, Butte County Treasurer-Tax Collector


March 29th:  Glenn Pulliam will present Pam and Brian Gray of the Paradise Club talking about their motorcycle trip to Sturgis


April 5th:  Travis Edsall


April 12th:  Dave Jessen


April 19th:  Bruce Miller


April 26th:  Ravi Saip


May 3rd:  Roy Ellis


May 10th:  Jim Kirks


May 17th:  Hot Dog Picnic with students


May 24th:  Jen Liu


May 31st:  No Meeting








Steve Plume introduced Don Krysakowski who is his program for the evening.  There were no other visitors.




NOTE:  There is no meeting on next Tuesday, March 15, 2016.  Next week’s meeting will be on Saturday, March 19, 2016.  It will be the American Legion Corn Beef Feed at the Memorial Hall.  It will be from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  It will be a meeting of record for Durham Rotary. I understand that tickets will be available at the door.


The following week (3/22/16) Larry Bradley will present Peggy Moak, Butte County Treasurer-Tax Collector.




There will be a Board Meeting at 5:00 pm before the March 22nd.




Chowder Cook Off


Bruce Miller reported that the Chowder Cook-Off was a fun event even though they didn’t win.  Acting President Larry recognized the 4 members of the team (Mary Sakuma, Jen Liu, Travis Edsall and Bruce Miller) $10 each for not winning.

District Conference at Yolo County Fairgrounds
Friday Apr-01-2016 to Sunday Apr-03-2016




Updating the Websites


The members are asked to go in the Club website at , click on “members”.  Then scroll down to your name, clicking on it to bring up the page with your information.  Then email Jen giving him any corrections, changes, and missing information. 




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Steve Plume is planning a past members meeting on April 19th.


Camp Royal


Roy Ellis, Steve Plume and Larry Bradley will be interviewing high school students this week for 4 positions at Camp Royal this year.  They will also be considering 2 additional students for spots that are available, it he club wants to pay for them.




Ravi Saip attended the PETS conference last weekend, to learn how to be president next year.

Whose planes are these?


(from the Chico ER.  See their media web page for 45 photos of these planes).




Steve Greenwood was recognized for his 34th Anniversary in the amount of $34.  He also mentioned that he sells batteries.  I am not sure why, but having the Grinder exempted him from further recognitions.


Daryle Polk contributed $10 for missing last week’s meeting while he was balancing a teller.


Dave Jessen admitted missing a meeting last month, while he had the Grinder. He also admitted that his daughter had just been promoted to manager of Salt Lake City transportation.  In any event he contributed $20 for that and $20 for his newest great grandson Wyatt.  Steve Plume matched one of the $20 and Larry matched the other.


Glenn Pulliam indicated that he had been on no trips recently but was planning a trip to DC to visit his son, in a couple of weeks.  Larry sold him a trip permit for $25.


Jim Kirks explained how he injured his back on his recent trip to Seattle.  He contributed the difference between his recognitions to date and $100 to become a Bell Ringer.




Steve Plume introduced Don Krysakowski, who is the Executive Director of the Work Training Center.  With the assistance of a slide presentation he explained all the programs they operate for developmentally disable people and new programs they have in the works.  It was a very interesting program. 


Must Be Present To Win

The cage was missing so there was no drawing.


From Rotary International:


Successful women mentor youth through Rotary

Clara Montanez attends a reception in 2013 for the Champions of Change honorees at the White House in Washington D.C.

Photo Credit: Rotary Images

When Clara Montanez was a student, she never heard the word mentoring. The idea of having a role model help you pursue your ambitions was unfamiliar to her.

"You basically chose your career based on personal interest and hoped you could find a job," says Montanez, senior director of investment for Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. "I went the route of getting married and having children first, and started my career later in life. I had no model for how to do that."

That changed for Montanez the day a friend invited her to join Rotary.

"Frankly, I was dragged into Rotary. I didn't see a connection at first," says Montanez, who's been a member of the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., since 2003. "But then I met several women, including Doris Margolis, who took me under her wing and started mentoring me on how to get more involved. I began seeing the value in having someone I could count on as a mentor, and I have become more of a leader in our club, in my community, and at work."

Rotary's mentoring opportunities motivated Montanez, Rotary's alternate representative to the Organization of American States, to help organize an event for International Women's Day, 8 March. The event, to be held at the World Bank Group headquarters in Washington, will feature Deepa Willingham and Marion Bunch, both previously honored as Rotary Women of Action. Rotary International Director Jennifer Jones will moderate the event, which will be streamed on World Bank Live.

Montanez says Rotary has given her a platform to mentor young women as they balance career and family, as well as manage the challenge of repaying student loans. According to a recent study by the American Association of University Women, the student loan debt burden weighs more heavily on women because of the persistent gap in pay between women and men.

"I think Rotary has given me access to young people, like Rotaractors, and they are ready to accept guidance because Rotary is a safe place to reach out and get advice," says Montanez.

Similarly, Jackie Huie, a member of the Rotary Club of St. Joseph & Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA, recognizes Rotary's mentoring power. In 2007, Huie's club created a program that matches high school juniors and seniors with a mentor in the field they'd like to enter. The program started with 40 students at one high school and has now expanded into schools across the area.

"I got a letter from a girl who came from a poor background, and through the program, she got a chance to meet with an attorney in town," says Huie, president of JohnsonRauhoff, a multimedia company that fosters creative thinking for artists. "It inspired her and gave her confidence to go to school and study law. She got accepted into four law schools and is on her way to becoming an attorney."

Besides the investment in young people's futures, mentoring brings clubs important community recognition. For example, Huie's club has 150 members, a large number for a club that doesn't hold membership drives, she says.

"Everyone in southwest Michigan knows about Rotary," says Huie. "We had a student who wanted to be a CEO for a large corporation. After we arranged for him to meet with the CEO of Whirlpool, his father was so impressed with the whole program that he joined Rotary."

Many of the program's early participants went on to form an Interact club, and there are now more than 200 Interact members at four area schools. Forty of them will travel to the Dominican Republic this summer to install water filters and take part in a medical mission.

"It's important for Rotary to make an investment in young people," says Huie. "My own daughter is in Interact because of my membership in Rotary. I think her world is broader, and she looks at the world differently. We all do, because of what we've learned through Rotary."

Read a blog post from Montanez

By Arnold R. Grahl

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