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May 10th, 2016


The  2016 Harvest Festival will be held on September 18, 2016


2016                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary



1 2 3
District Attorney Mike Ramsey
(Roy Ellis)
4 5 6 7
8 9 10
Dr. Stewart Monroe on geology
(Jim Kirks)
11 12 13 14
15 16 17
Hog Dog Picnic at Durham Park
(Roy Ellis)
18 19 20 21
22 23 24
(Daryl Polk)
25 26 27 28
29 30 31
No Meeting
Memorial Day


1 2 3 4
5 6 7
(Jim Patterson)
8 9 10 11
12 13 14
(Jen Liu)
15 16 17 18
19 20 21
(Mike Wacker)
22 23 24 25
26 27 28
Demotion Party
(Mary Sakuma)
29 30

Pres. Mike Wacker called the meeting to order.  He called on Travis Edsall to lead to flag salute, which Travis did.  Then Pres. Mike called on Larry Bradley.  Larry led Rotarians in “Home on the Range.”  Then Rev. Jim Patterson gave the invocation.




May 17th:  Hot Dog Picnic with students


May 24th:  Daryl Polk


May 31st:  No Meeting


June 7th:  Jim Patterson


June 14th:  Jen Liu


June 21st:  Mike Wacker


June 28th:  Mary Sakuma-Demotion Party





Pres. Mike asked Tom Vanella to introduce the guest at his table.  Tom introduced Stew & Sue Monroe, our speakers for this evening.  Then, Pres. Mike asked Tom to introduce the rest of the guests at his table.  Tom introduced Sharon Robertson.  Pres. Mike assessed Tom $5.00 for the slip up.  Then Mary Sakuma donated a dollar for each of the Durham Rotarians at her table.  Then two other tables contributed a dollar per Rotarian for not have guests to introduce.




The following week, May 17th, will be the picnic in the Durham Park with DHS students.   

On May 23rd, Daryle Polk will present a speaker from Butte College.




President Elect Elect and Camp Royal Chairperson Larry Bradley announced that Durham Rotary has five students going to Camp Royal. 


Glenn Pulliam reviewed the upcoming programs for Durham Rotary. 



It’s Spring, the weather is gorgeous, we just enjoyed an outstanding District Conference……. and  it’s time to begin plans for our next Rotary year.

Announcing:      Rotary District 5160's  Spring Training Assemblies

When:               South Assembly, Saturday May 14,  8:30 am – 1:30 pm

                           Benicia High School, Benicia  

What:                 A chance to learn more about so many different topics

Who:                  Rotarians, Interacters, Rotaracters, Youth Exchange, everyone!

Why:                  Why REGISTER?  So we have enough coffee, food, and chairs!



Updating the Websites


The members are asked to go in the Club website at , click on “members”.  Then scroll down to your name, clicking on it to bring up the page with your information.  Then email Jen giving him any corrections, changes, and missing information.   J. R. has tended to this!




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Steve Plume is planning a past members meeting.




Pres. Mike recognized Travis Edsall for $5.00 for missing last week’s meeting.       

Pres. Mike recognized Chris Hatch for missing the last two meetings.  Chris contributed $10.00.

Tom Vanella made up four meetings by visiting the Chester Rotary, Willows Rotary and the Orland Rotary twice.                                   

Then Pres. Mike called on Ravi Saip and recognized Ravi and his spouse for their 29th anniversary.  Ravi contributed $29.00.

Pres. Mike announced that flowers will be delivered from Durham Rotary to the spouses of Rotarians on their wedding anniversary. 

Next Pres. Mike called on Chris Hatch to recognize Chris and his wife for their 46th anniversary. Chris contributed $46.00.




Jim Kirks introduced Stew Monroe and his wife Sue who presented “Amazing Days in the Cook Islands.”  The PowerPoint slide presentation included a great variety of information about the nation of Cook Islands.  The country has less than 20,000 citizens.  The land area is very small, yet the Cook Islands occupy a large area in the South Pacific near New Zealand.  While in Roratonga, the Capital of the Cook Islands, the Monroe’s visited the local Rotary Club and a children’s playground that had received funding from the Chester (California) Rotary Club.  The Durham Rotarians enjoyed the presentation and had many questions.


Must Be Present To Win

Roy Ellis was present, again,  to claim the $10.00 MBPTW prize.


From Rotary International:

Council on Legislation to meet in Chicago 10-15 April

Representatives at the 2013 Council on Legislation hold up green cards to demonstrate a yes vote on a motion.

Photo Credit: Rotary Images

Representatives from Rotary clubs worldwide will gather in Chicago 10-15 April to consider changes to the policies that guide Rotary International and its member clubs.

The Council on Legislation meets every three years and is an essential part of Rotary's governance. The representatives -- one from each Rotary district -- review and vote on proposals that seek to change Rotary's constitutional documents and on resolutions that express an opinion or make a recommendation to the Rotary International Board of Directors.

Get live updates and daily vote totals on My Rotary beginning 11 April.

Many of this year's proposed changes are designed to increase membership by giving clubs greater flexibility in the timing and the nature of their meetings. Other proposals would amend membership requirements.

Over the decades, Council representatives have debated virtually every nuance of Rotary policy and membership and attendance rules. The five-day meeting is one of Rotary's primary agents for change, allowing the organization to evaluate and enhance its relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Learn more about the Council on Legislation

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