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Jun 7th, 2016


The  2016 Harvest Festival will be held on September 18, 2016


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President Mike Wacker opened the meeting at  K. R. and Sharon Robertson’s home.  He then asked Jen Liu to lead the pledge, which he did.  Then he asked Mary Sakuma to lead us in a song.  She led us in singing “America”. Then Larry Bradley gave the invocation.


The Robertson’s had offered their home for out meeting, due to the unavailability of the BCCC due to its being an election polling place.  Thank you K. R. and Sharon.


Dinner was catered by Spiteris, actually the soon to be new owner of Spiteris.  Frank is retiring.




June 14th:  Jen Liu will present Travis Edsall about his New Zealand trip.


June 21st:  Mike Wacker


June 28th:  Mary Sakuma-Demotion Party.


July 5:  No meeting due to holiday the day before.


July 12th: Ravi’s first meeting. 






Several spouses were introduced including Sharon Robertson, Kari Greenwood, Jackie Goss and Cindy Price.  Also, Dar’s significant other, Dora Burke




Next week Jen Liu will present Travis Edsall who will talk about his trip to New Zealand.




It is a Baby Boy


It was reported that Brian Aguiar is the new father of a baby boy.


Fair Pig Purchase


Larry Bradley reported the purchase of a pig, within budget, at the Silver Dollar Fair.  The pig sell presented him with a box of treats from Costco.  He returned it in exchange for a Costco card.  He then held a contest guessing the amount of the card.  Travis Edsall came the closest.


Graduation of our Scholarship Winners


Mike provide the following photographs of the Durham High School Graduation and our scholarship winners.



Harvest Festival


J. R. reports that Cari Gillespie and he met with Gary Younie Jr from the Chico Strollers today to discuss the upcoming Harvest Festival. Items we discussed:

1.     Reviewed the Car Club flyer and discussed changes to flyer and poster for 2016

a.     Deleted mention of “Live Raffle”

2.     Discussed Commercial Vendor Booths

a.     Both Rotary and Car Club see this as an area that is difficult to manage (who is a craft fair person vs commercial)

b.     Car Club proposed that Rotary take over Commercial Vendor Booths

                                                    i.          In their proposal Car Club would give Rotary management over Commercial Vendors (Proceeds to be Rotary’s), while Car Club would ask for more share in the Car Show registration

a.     In 2015, Car Club sold 14 commercial booths @ $50 each = $700 (Rotary received $0)

b.     In 2015, Car Club had 182 cars @ $25 each (Car Club received $910, Rotary received $20 each = $3640)

                                                   ii.          What they are asking:

a.     Increase their take on the Car Show registration (maximum increase of $5 per car)

b.     Commercial Vendor management and monies to go all to Rotary.


Please get back to J.R. with your thoughts and a decision on whether to amend the current agreement with the Car Club or leave the same.


Camp Royal Drivers Needed.


Larry Bradley is looking for drivers to transport students home from the bus drop off point in Chico.  Jen has tentatively volunteered, but must check with Pam.  But, if you can help, please call him.




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Steve Plume is planning a past members meeting.




Glenn Pulliam was recognized for being named “Teacher of the Year”.  He contributed $30.  Len Forman and Larry Bradley each contributed an additional $30 in recognition of Glenn’s recognition.


Travis Edsall and Steve Greenwood each contributed $5 for missing the last meeting (half price this week).  Tom Vanella had also missed a meeting, but had made up at Chester.




Ravi Saip spoke about some changes he wants to make when he becomes president next month including moving the “Must Be Present To Win” drawing to an earlier point in the meeting and using amplified sound for the programs.



Must Be Present To Win

None tonight.


From Rotary International:

Ravindran moves audience with personal story

RI President K.R. Ravindran shares a personal story of triumph over polio at the closing session of the 107th Rotary convention.

Photo Credit: SJ Cho

RI President K.R. Ravindran closed the convention in Korea on Wednesday, 1 June, with a poignant story about his mother's fight to survive polio at age 30.

When Ravindran was 11 years old in his native Sri Lanka, his mother awoke one day feeling weak and short of breath. Sitting down to rest, she found herself unable to move. The polio virus had quickly invaded her nervous system, resulting in paralysis.

She was placed in an iron lung at the hospital to enable her to breathe, and was told that her chances of walking, or even surviving without a ventilator, were slim. But most Sri Lankan hospitals were not equipped with ventilators in 1963.

Ravindran's grandfather, a Rotary member, hosted a club committee meeting in his living room the evening after his daughter was rushed to the hospital. Rather than simply offer consolation, his fellow members went to work, using their business acumen and professional connections to find a ventilator.

One of the members was a bank manager who called a government minister to facilitate a quick international transfer of funds. Another member, a manager at SwissAir, arranged to have a ventilator flown in. The next day, it arrived at the hospital.

"There was so much red tape at the time in Sri Lanka, but somehow, those Rotarians made it all fall away," Ravindran told the packed audience at the KINTEX Convention Center in Goyang city.

Ravindran's mother spent a year-and-a-half in a hospital bed, but her condition gradually improved. She eventually left the hospital walking -- with a walker, but upright, on her own two feet.

"Fifty-three years ago, my mother's life was perhaps one of the very first to be saved from polio by Rotarians," Ravindran said. "We have saved millions of lives since then.

"Tonight, I stand before you as her son, and your president, to say that soon -- perhaps not in years but in months -- Rotary will give a gift that will endure forever: a world without polio."

At the convention's general session the day before, Rebecca Martin, director of the Center for Global Health at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, had described how close we are to polio eradication. Earlier that day, Rotary released an additional $35 million in grants to support global efforts to end the crippling disease.

This year's convention, one of the largest in Rotary history, attracted more than 43,000 attendees from over 150 countries. Ravindran, in his final speech to members as their president, emphasized what it really means to be a Rotarian.

"There are people on this planet whose lives are better now because you traversed this earth," he said. "And it doesn't matter if they know that or not. It doesn't matter if they even know your name or not. What really matters is that your work touched lives; that it left people healthier, happier, better than they were before."

Looking ahead to next year

Following Ravindran's remarks, members of Ravindran's Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and RI President-elect John Germ's Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, took the stage to exchange club banners, a tradition that unofficially marks the changing of the guard.

Germ told the audience that Rotary is about to begin the most progressive year in its history.

"You told us that we need to change and become more flexible so that Rotary service will be attractive to younger members, recent retirees, and working people," Germ said. "You spoke with clarity, and groundbreaking legislation was passed this year at the Council on Legislation.

"Clubs now have the opportunity to be who they want to be, but at the same time remain true to our core. I'm pleased to share with you that Rotarians all over the world are responding with great excitement."

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