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Rotary District 5160 Governor:

Fred Collignon

Durham Rotary President:
Ravi Saip


Rowel Editor: Phil Price
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September 13th, 2016


The  2016 Harvest Festival will be held on September 18, 2016


2016                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary


1 2 3
4 5 6
No Meeting
Due to Labor Day
7 8 9 10
11 12 13
Harvest Festival Preparation at Durham Park
(JR Gallagher)
14 15 16 17
Harvest Festival Preparation Day at Durham Park
(JR Gallagher)
Harvest Festival y at Durham Park
(JR Gallagher)
19 20
No Meeting
Due to
Harvest Festival
21 22 23 24
25 26 27
Club Assembly on the Harvest Festival
(JR Gallagher)
28 29 30


2 3

Monday Night Football at
Steve's House
(Steve Greenwood)

4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11
(Dave Jessen)
12 13 14 15
16 17 18
(Steve Plume)
19 20 21 22
23 24 25
(Len Foreman)
26 27 28 29
30 31

Pres. Ravi Saip called the meeting to order.  Travis Edsall led the flag salute.  Larry Bradley had Durham Rotarians sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”  Rev. Jim Patterson gave the invocation.




September 6th;  No Meeting due to holiday the day before.


September 13th:  At Durham Park in preparation for the Harvest Festival.


September 17th:  Harvest Festival preparation day.


September 18th:  The Harvest Festival.


September 20th:  No



September 27th:  Club Assembly on the Harvest Festival by J. R. Gallagher.


Update on our Rowel EditorS


Phil Price wrote on Sept. 13th: 'I am walking.with a walker pretty good, but no knee bend yet.  Use poll to get out of bed.  But no pain.  See Dr. Tomorrow.'


Jim Kirks wrote on Sept. 13th:

'The Doc has told me that I have a stomach bug that is going around.  I am on bed rest and a "BRAT" diet.   It is bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast morning, noon and night.
Rather than past this bug around, I won't be at the BBQ in the park tonight (Tues the 13th) not at the set up on Saturday the 17th,nor the Harvest Festival on the 18th.....'.


Our 3rd string editor is hanging in there....




Jen Liu introduced the guests at his table, Bruce Miller, the long missing member.  Steve Plume introduced Samantha Esau, our new Interact Club President of Durham High School.


Next Meeting


Our next gathering will 8:30 AM at our Durham Storage unit on Saturday, September 17th.  This is the setup date for the Harvest Festival.  All able bodies are expected to be there.



President Ravi read a thank you note from Brian Cooper, one of our 2016 DHS scholarship recipient.


DHS interact president Samantha updated us on the following:

    Interact Club is 30 members strong currently.

    Colleen Coutts has replaced Michelle Eaton as Interact Club Advisor.


Steve Plume honored Jim Patterson with a $2,500 check on behalf of Durham Foundation to our street project.


Steve Plume reminded us that a Rotary Foundation Social and Special Recognitions event will be held at Almendra Winery in Durham on Friday, November 18th.  Event starts at 6:00 PM.  Special presentations by Governor Fred, PDG Laura, Eral, Pam and more.  Dinner is catered by Chicobi's.  Music and wine by Almandra.  $25.00 per person.  Only 100 seats are available.  You can reserve your seat by emailing Brian Gray, area foundation rep. at




The Butte Co Elections Office has once again asked if we would assist them with the upcoming Nov 8th election. At last night's meeting Steve Plume, Len Foreman, Travis Edsall, Larry Bradley, Clint Goss, Chris Hatch and I volunteered to help. We still need 2 more helpers. If you are able to help, please let me know.




Roy Ellis distributed posters that emphasize that the money received from the sale of Ducky Derby tickets will go to the Durham High School Sober Graduation party.  For each $5.00 ticket sold, Durham Rotary receives $4.00 for local projects.



Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.



No recognition tonight

Must Be Present To Win

No drawing tonight.  The pot stays at $20.00 for the next drawing.



JR Gallagher on Harvest Festival preparation was our program.  The FINAL version of teh work schedule is attached below the pictures.






Durham Harvest Festival Work Assignments    


September 18, 2016

Everybody shows up by 6:00 a.m. and everybody stays for clean up.



6:30 – 11     Breakfast

                    Chair – Glenn Pulliam   (show up early to help position Cpt Bob)    

Larry Bradley                          Daryle Polk

Steve Greenwood                     Len Foreman                           Ged Andrusitas


6:00 – 7       Table Set-up                   ALL MEMBERS

                    Chair – Brian Aguiar               Bruce Miller        

                    Sherry Swim                            


7 – 4            Condiment Table

                    Chair – Brian Aguiar               2 Interact Club 8 – 4

                    Amanda Aguiar                        Dave Jessen


6:00 – 7       Food Court Set-Up        ALL MEMBERS

                    Sherry Swim                             Bruce Miller

                    Roy Ellis – Signage                  


7 – 4           Cashiers                                   

                    Chair – Steve Plume                Mike Wacker


6:30 – 8:30 Craft Fair

                    Chair – Travis Edsall              

                    Cari Gillespie                            2 Interact Club


6:30 – 4:00 Parking

                    Chair – Ravi Saip                    

                    Ravi’s Friends?                        Chris Hatch 6:30 – 8

                    Travis Edsall 11-4           Len Foreman 11-4

                    8 Interact Club   8-4

                    Chris Hatch – Disabled Transportation 8 - 3


                    Entrance – STARS 10:00 – 3:00   


8 – 4            Sober Grad Night Tickets

Chair – Mary Sakuma

Floyd Miller                              K.R. Robertson                        2 Interact Club 8 – 12                2 Interact Club 11:30 – 3:30             4 Miss Butte County 9 - 12


                    Announcing – Mary Sakuma


Beer Booth and Remote Booths

                    Chair – Bruce Miller                Jen Liu


                    Sierra Nevada Beer Booth (10-4)

                              Bruce Miller                   Steve Greenwood 11-4

                              Jen Liu (part time)


                    Remote Soda Booth

                              Boy Scouts (9-4)             Jen Liu       


                    Pop Corn Booth

                              Interact Club                 Jen Liu


                    Drink Tubs – Lunch

                              Interact Club                 Jen Liu       


11-4                          Lunch

Chair – Larry Bradley           

2 Interact                                 Daryle Polk

Bonnie Pulliam                         Jen Gallagher

Glenn Pulliam                           Tod Kimmelshue           


8-4                              Tri-tip, Hotdogs, Brats – Roy Ellis, Steve Abshier,

Clint Goss, Jen Liu         1 Interact


3 –5             Clean-up – ALL MEMBERS


Harvest Festival Setup


Saturday, September 17, 2016



Pick up Order at Costco and Beer at Sierra Nevada  (Friday)

          Deliver to Pro Pacific- palletized

          Bruce Miller-flatbed trailer     Glenn Pulliam       J.R. Gallagher


Pick up Parking Supplies at Guy Rents – Larry Bradley (Friday)


Craft Fair Layout –

          Travis Edsall         Cari Gillespie        All members help



Parking Lot Layout – Ravi Saip, Chair 8 – 11

                                        Interact help + members

          Buy new parking directional signs


Pick up Storage Shed Items – 8:30 (All members Help)

Steve Greenwood –Flatbed Trailer

Bruce Miller- Miller Glass Trailer- locked for storage at Park


Remote Booth Set-Up –                    9 - 12

          All members + tools


Food Pick Up – deliver to park         (Sat)

          Roy Ellis                Brian Aguiar        J.R. Gallagher      Clint Goss


Hang Banners – Interact Club 9-12

          Roy Ellis – Ladder


Transport Ice to Park, Load in refrigerated truck- Larry Bradley (Sat)


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