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October 18th, 2016


The  2017 Crab Feed is on Saturday, January, 21st 2017


2016                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary


2 3

Monday Night Football at
Steve's House
(Steve Greenwood)

4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11
Dr. Peter Magnusson on Cardiology
(Roy Ellis)
12 13 14 15
16 17 18
Tad Alexander. Boy Scout Troop 16 Scout Master
(Steve Plume)
19 20 21 22
23 24 25
Megan Malloy of Butte County Office of Education
(Len Foreman)
26 27 28 29
30 31


Patrick Ranch
(Jim Patterson)
2 3 4 5
6 7 8
Original Pete's at Carmichael Drive and Park Avenue
(Phil Price)
9 10 11 12
13 14 15
(Bruce Miller)
16 17 18 19
20 21 22
No Meeting Due to Thanksgiving
23 24 25 26
27 28 29
(Brian Aguiar)

Pres. Ravi Saip called the meeting to order.  He asked Clint Goss to lead the salute to the flag, which he did.  Then Pres. Ravi called on Mary Sakuma to lead Rotarians in a patriotic song.  Mary led us in “God Bless America.”  For the Invocation, Pres. Ravi called on Rev. Jim Patterson.



October 25th: 

Len Foreman - Megan Malloy of Butte County Office of Education.


November 1st: 

Jim Patterson - Patrick Ranch.


November 8th: 

Phil Price - Original Pete's at Carmichael Drive and Park Avenue.

November 15th: 

TBA by Bruce Miller


November 22nd: 

No meeting due to Thanksgiving


November 15th: 

TBA by Brian Aguiar




Pres. Ravi invited Durham Rotarians to attend the Rotary Recognition Event at Almendra Winery on Friday, November 18, 2016.  There will be music, wine and a food truck.  The cost is $25.00 per person.



Tuesday, October 25, Durham Rotary Board of Directors will meet at 5:00pm at BCCC.

Tuesday, October 25, Durham Rotary Program at BCCC will feature Megan Malloy of Butte County Office of Education.  Megan will speak about BCOE’s Champion Scholars, who are former foster children who are in college and mentoring children currently in the foster home program.



JR Gallagher announced that the Durham Park and Recreation Board is meeting on November 10th.  The Board wants a report on the 2016 Durham Rotary Harvest Festival.   Larry Bradley volunteered to accompany JR at the Board meeting.

Pres. Ravi will put the question of whether Durham Rotary wants to hold a 2017 Harvest Festival on the Agenda for the October 25, 2016 Durham Rotary Board meeting.   



Mary Sakuma shared that Rev. Jim Patterson is working with Jan Holman for a presentation on the Patrick Ranch.  It was agreed that we would have a catered dinner at the Patrick Ranch to keep everything at one place on Tuesday, November 1st.  Pres. Ravi will contact Nicole at Spiteri's about providing food for us at the Patrick Ranch.

Because Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day, we will meet at Original Pete’s at Carmichael Drive and Park Avenue.  The restaurant has a meeting room and Durham Rotary will pay for the difference between what member usually pay for dinner and the cost of the dinners at Original Pete’s.  After dinner, Rotarians who volunteered to help at the South Chico Election Depot will go across the street to the County Service Center on Carmichael Drive.

Rev. Jim Patterson updated Rotarians on the Sidewalk Project.  Butte County Public Works did the survey work.  There is a question about off street parking to be resolved.  David Chirah of CSU, Chico is enthusiastic as is the Butte College Heavy Equipment Program.  Butte County Public Works needs to clarify the use of voluntary labor versus prevailing wage.  David Chirah would like to do the project in the Spring of 2017.  Insurance coverage through Rotary rather than Workmen’s Compensation Insurance coverage is being researched.



Len Foreman volunteered to contribute $5.00 as he missed one meeting due to the Coliseum Project and one meeting due to a football game.

JR Gallagher volunteered to donate $100.00 to be a bell ringer.  He resigned from his position at Valeant because six months on the road was too disruptive to his family and community life.  He has a new position with Carl Huff in retail agricultural chemical sales.

Mary Sakuma volunteered to donate $5.00 because she forgot to mention the November 1st Rotary meeting plans in her report.

Pres. Ravi shared that an employee at Durham Auto Parts was very helpful when Ravi needed a carburetor.  Pres. Ravi recognized Steve Plume for $15.00.  Then Steve volunteered to contribute $15.00 for missing three Durham Rotary meetings.   Next Steve asked Rotarians to sing him “Happy Birthday,” which brought up the total for his recognitions to $37.00.

Mary Sakuma volunteered to contribute $20.00 for being out-of-town to attend a Texas style High School Football Game and a Texas A& M Football Game.

Jim Kirks donated $100.00 to ring the bell.  He is going on a cruise through the Panama Canal and stopping at ports in the Bahamas, Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

Pres. Ravi contributed $5.00 for going on a flight in Rene Vercruzen’s airplane.

Larry Bradley donated $25.00 as he is traveling to Tennessee to visit family.  His mother had nine brothers and sisters and many of them are still living.

Daryle Polk contributed $10.00 for missing last week’s meeting because his bank was closed on Monday.




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Let’s also work on getting existing members to attend.  Attendance has been sparse the last few weeks.




Glenn Pulliam has eight volunteers for helping on election night at the South Chico Receiving Station.  Glenn needs one more volunteer.



The drawing wasn’t held tonight.




Tad Alexander. Boy Scout Troop 16 Scout Master talked about six recent Eagle Scouts and their projects.  Troop 16 has a 92% Eagle Scout completion record.  Eagle Scouts are given preference in the Military, when applying for college and when being interviewed for jobs.  On November 11th, Scout Troop 16 will participate in the flag retiring ceremony at the Durham Cemetery.

Deben Alexander is a Life Scout and is collecting funds for the materials he purchased to build a greenhouse for the Jesus Center Farm which is a Community Supported Agriculture project.  Residents of the Jesus Center work on the farm.  Produce is used for meals at the Jesus Center and vegetables are sold for CSA boxes that help fund the Jesus Center.

Alex Dubose donated gravel for the greenhouse project.  The greenhouse is ten feet by twelve feet.  It is used for starting plants and lengthening the growing season for crops.  The farm is on five acres which were donated for use as a community garden.  It is near 16th and Chestnut Streets in Chico,

The total cost for the project was $650.00.   Clint Goss passed his hat and collected $225.00 in individual donations for the project.


Rotary Foundation Social Event

Rotary Foundation Social

and Special Recognitions



Chico, Chico Sunrise, Colusa, Corning, Durham, Orland,

Paradise, and Willows Rotary Clubs

Friday, November 18, 6 PM                                  $25.00 per person

Almendra Winery 9275 Midway   Durham, California

Special presentations by: District Governor Fred,

Past District  Governor Laura

Also attending PDG Pam, Maybe Candy, Karl, Dave, Ken – and MORE!


Dinner by: Chicobi’s

 Music and Wine by Almendra!

Only 100 seats available – reserve your’s now

Email Brian Gray, Area Foundation Rep

BigBrian@Gray-Matter.Net (preferred)

or call 530-521-1894

Please join us and HAVE A GOOD TIME!



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