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July 25th, 2017


The  2017 Harvest Festival will be held on September 17, 2017


2017                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary



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Butte County Sheriff Kory L. Honea.
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Camp Royal students to report on their experiences

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Foundation program put on by Dean Fender
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Glenn Pulliam filled in for Larry tonight.  He opened the meeting at the BCCC.  He asked Mike Wacker to lead the pledge, which he did.  Jim Patterson then gave the invocation.  There was no song, probably because no one in the club is qualified to lead a song.




August 1:  No Meeting


August 8th:  TBA


August 15th:


August 22nd:


August 29th:


September 5th:  No Meeting


September 12th:  Harvest Festival preparation in the Park


September 17th:  Harvest Festival


If a Tuesday is not listed above, there is no meeting that week.






Our condolences to Norm Larson. Tanis, Norm’s wife of 62 years passed away on Friday, July 21st.  Tanis had a bad fall on Tuesday, July 18th in their garage and injured her head. She was transported to Enloe Hospital but she had developed significant bleeding in her brain that produced a coma, at the hospital, from which she did not recover.  The doctors couldn’t save her due to the severity of the brain injury.  She passed away on Friday peacefully surrounded by her family members.  On a personal note, I have known Tanis since we were in the 1st grade together (about 74 years).  She became a good friend of my wife’s when I brought Cindy to Chico and they played bridge together monthly as well as traveled together.  She will be missed.


President’s Corner


Acting President Glenn passed out card with the 4 Way Test for members to put in their wallets, and look at from time to time.  He also noted that it was originally created by Herbert Taylor in about 1932 for his employees.  In the 1940s, when he was a Rotary International Director he offered it to Rotary, which adopted it.  Herbert gave the copyright to Rotary International in about 1954.






Jim Patterson introduced Brian Gray, President Elect of the Paradise Club and a member of the Paul Harris Society, who was supposed to be our program tonight.  However, due to a motorcycle injury he brought along Dean Fender, Assistant District Governor and Paul Harris Fellow, who Jim also introduced.


Jen Liu introduced Red Badge member John Moss and Assistant District Governor Arnie Gustafson.


Mike Wacker’s table had no visitors.



The next meeting will in two weeks, August 8th.    It will be at the BCCC, however, the program is yet to be determined. 

There will be no meeting on August 1st.  It is National Night Out Night, which you should participate in in your neighborhood.  I explained this in the last Rowel.



A message to all District 5160 Rotarians:

Calling all District 5160 Rotarians to join me in September for fantastic fellowship and an abundance of useful information that will enrich your life, both as a Rotarian and a professional.

Save the Date for our Fall Seminar training:

Redding - Saturday Sept. 9 -  registration and coffee at 8 am,  to 1 pm.   Simpson University. 


Martinez - Saturday Sept. 23 -   registration and coffee at 8 am,  to 1 pm.   Alhambra High School. 

Yours in Rotary service,

Gary Vilhauer

District Governor 2017-18
Rotary International District 5160




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  We will be having a visit from the District Governor or an Assistant District Governor to assist us with membership.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meeting.



Harvest Festival


Last week, Steve Heithecker circulated a list of prior Harvest Festival sponsors with the members who had contacted the before. Please contact them again.  Other members should contact those on the list with a responsible person listed.  We need these sponsors.  They are responsible for about half the moneys we receive from the Harvest Festival.


Rotary Night at the Chico Heat


Hunter Hampton of the Chico Heat (and Chico Rotary) has graciously invited all our local clubs to celebrate Rotary at the Heat- Sunday July 30th at 7:05 pm.

The Heat will donate up to 4 tickets per family (and if more are needed we can probably work that out too). The tickets will be available at the will call window.

Hunter simply needs to know how many tickets to set aside for your club. So if you're interested (and hopefully you are!) please announce at your club and get a head/ticket count to us by Friday July 28 simply by responded to this email (please hit reply all)

If you want to go to the game, contact Glenn Pulliam (345 8585, 570 2017) to let him know the number of tickets you will need.  Note that they need to know by Friday, 7/28.  But Glenn will not be here in Friday, so call him by Thursday.



This photo is a follow up on a 40th anniversary recognition last week.  Do you recognize them?




Mike Wacker contributed $25 for his trip to southern California and his daughter’s 40th birthday party.


Following up on K. R.’s recognition for being the Rotarian of the Year, he has contributed $100 to the Rotary Foundation.


Must Be Present To Win

Acting President Glenn reinstituted this drawing.  Jim Kirks was present to win $20 in the drawing of that name.






The program was presented by Dean Fender, Assistant District Governor and a Paul Harris Fellow.  He talked about the Rotary International Foundation, explaining the different ways to make a contribution.  There is the individual gift and there is the annual plan.  In the latter the money used for three years and then comes back to the District to fund Club projects, upon application.  Annual gifts of $100 makes you a sustaining member.  Once you have given $1000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow.


Dean also discussed the work the Rotary Foundation has done around the world, including Polio Plus.



From Rotary International:


Rotary Convention keynote speaker spotlights historic fight, remaining challenges to reaching zero polio cases

By Ryan Hyland and Teresa Schmedding

Bill Gates, speaking on 12 June at the Rotary International Convention, highlighted the extraordinary progress that’s been made toward a polio-free world, along with challenges ahead. 

Speaking at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Gates reminded the audience of more than 22,000 attendees, who were given LED bracelets to wear, that the effort must continue and be strengthened before polio cases can be reduced to zero. 

Calling the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) the “single most ambitious public health effort the world has ever undertaken,” Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reviewed the historic milestones of the fight. 

At each achievement, including regions of the world being declared polio-free, sections of the arena were lit up by the LED bracelets, making the attendees a part of the presentation. 

Gates thanked Rotary for being the catalyst and visionary partner for ending the paralyzing disease worldwide. “Rotary laid the foundation with its unwavering sense of purpose and its belief that anything is possible if you put your mind and body to it,” he said. 

Since the GPEI effort began, polio cases have dropped a staggering 99.9 percent, from nearly 350,000 cases a year to only five cases reported this year, a record low. The virus has been eliminated in all but three countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. 

Gates noted that more than 16 million people who would otherwise have been paralyzed by polio are walking today. “The scale of this effort is phenomenal,” he added. 

"Polio is the thing I spend the most time on. Every day I look at my email to see if we have a new case," Gates said. "I'm very inspired to be a part of this. I'm also very humbled."

"It is this talent for generating new ideas, learning lessons, and adapting them to new circumstances that makes me optimistic we will get to zero,” Bill Gates said at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta.


 John Cena, WWE Superstar, actor, and Rotary polio ambassador, emceed the pledging moment at the general session and applauded Rotary for its determination. "You were the trailblazers who wanted to prove to the world that this insurmountable task could be done," Cena said.

Earlier in the day, leaders from countries all over the world joined Gates and Rotary in pledging new money toward filling the $1.5 billion gap in the funding that the GPEI estimates is needed to achieve eradication. Rotary announced that it is increasing its annual fundraising goal to $50 million. Since the Gates Foundation and Rotary began working together in 2007, the two organizations have raised nearly $1.5 billion for polio eradication efforts. 

Gates, who said his top priority for the last decade has been ending polio, acknowledged that challenges still lie ahead, especially in areas of conflict where polio remains endemic. “One of the toughest things to do is reach all the children who need the polio vaccine,” he said. “This is especially hard in conflict areas, because it is so difficult to build trust with all sides.”

But Gates also noted that Afghanistan, which still has areas of conflict, is nearly free of the virus. “That’s because the people running the [polio] program have helped build understanding that the only way to get rid of polio is to rise above political, religious, and social divisions.”

With fewer cases now than ever before, the surveillance and detection of the virus becomes more difficult. “To stop the virus completely, we have to know where it’s hiding,” said Gates. 

In 1994 the Americas were certified as polio-free

In 2000 the Western Pacific was certified as polio-free

In 2002 Europe was certified as polio-free

We are down to just five cases in three countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan

A network of 146 labs worldwide tests about 200,000 stool samples for the poliovirus every year; 99.9 percent of them are negative. But that tiny percentage of positive results will help health officials focus immunization activities to prevent the virus from spreading. In addition, in countries where polio remains endemic, 125 environmental detection sites test sewage, because the poliovirus can survive in sewage for a short time. 

Innovations inspired by polio eradication efforts can now have wide-ranging benefits for other global health campaigns, Gates said. Techniques like community mapping, disease surveillance, and expanding the role of health workers will help health authorities detect and contain other infectious diseases, like Ebola. 

“That is what is so exciting about Rotary’s 30-year fight,” Gates told the crowd. “You are not only eradicating one of the worst diseases in history. You are also helping the poorest countries provide citizens with better health and a better future.”

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