Rotary International


Ian HS Riseley

Rotary District 5160 Governor:

Gary Vilhauer

Durham Rotary President:
Larry Bradley


Rowel Editor: Phil Price
Rowel Publisher: Jen Liu




January 31st, 2018


The  2018 Crab Feed will be held on Saturday, February, 10 2018


2017                                         Calendar for Durham Rotary



1 2
No Meeting
3 4 5 6
7 8 9
 retiring Judge Jim Reilley
(Steve Heithecker)
10 11 12 13
14 15 16
No Meeting
17 18 19 20
21 22 23
Tim Taylor, Butte County Superintendent of Schools
(Jen Liu)
24 25 26 27
28 29 30
Todd Kimmelshue, Golden State Farm Credit
(Larry Bradley)


1 2 3
4 5 6
Crab Feed Preparation
(Chris Hatch)
7 8 9 10
Crab Feed
11 12 13
No Meeting
14 15 16 17
18 19 20
No Meeting
21 22 23 24
5 26 27

Pres. Larry Bradley opened the meeting.  He called on Stephen Heithecker to lead the flag salute.

Then Pres. Larry had Durham Rotarians sing “America the Beautiful.”  Rev. Jim Patterson was asked to give the invocation.



February 6th:  Crab Feed Prep


February 10th:  Crab Feed


February 13th:  No Meeting


February 20th:  No Meeting


February 27th:


March 6th:


March 13th:


March 20th:


March 27th:


April 3rd:  No Meeting


April 10th: 


If a Tuesday is not listed above, there is no meeting that week.






Pres. Larry called on Steve Plume to introduce Rotarians at his table including their classifications.  Steve was recognized for $5.00 for faulty introductions.

Pres. Larry asked Dave Jessen to introduce Rotarians at this table.  Dave was recognized for $2.50 and then got a $1.00 credit for remembering to introduce Pres. Larry who had dined at Dave’s table.

Pres. Larry requested Ravi Saip to introduce the Rotarians at his table.  Speaker and former Durham Rotarian Tod Kimmelshue got a round of applause.




The Next Durham Rotary meeting will be Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at Butte Creek Country Club.  The program will be devoted to the Crab Feed.



On April 21, 2018, Durham Rotarians and DHS Interact members will package 10,000 meals for 60,000 persons at the DHS Multipurpose Room.



Pres, Larry checked with Club members on unsold tickets.  The total is about 30 unsold.  Jim Kirks was given a round of applause for selling 60 Crab Feed tickets.

Roy Ellis needs silent auction items.  Chris Hatch has had a good response to requests for items from the people he has contacted.  Clint Goss has a gift basket to donate.  Tod Kimmelshue will donate a gift basket.  Daryl Polk has a case of wine to donate.  Stephen Heithecker has items for the silent auction.  Pres. Larry got some items donated form his neighbors and Durham vendors. Travis Edsall has donated a gift certificate for painting two rooms worth $500.00.Steve Plume got a tool box donated to the auction.
  Also, see the work schedule attached below.


Clam Chowder Cook-Off:  Mary Ellen Garrahy was here to promote Corning Rotary’s 13th Annual Clam Chowder Cook-off at the Rolling Hills Casino.  It will be held at the Rolling Hills Event Center on February 24, 2018.  I managed to manipulate the information so I could get it in this Rowel.  See the rules attached after the Crab Feed work schedule.  Below is a photo of the announcement.



The District 5160 Conference will be at the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village May 4-6, 2018.  It is not too early to make your reservations.  They are going fast.  In fact, early registrations ends October 31st.  Check the District website to register for the conference, including meals, and to get hotel rooms at a special price, while the last.


Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now):  The packaging meals for hungry kids will again take place in April this year.  I don’t have any details yet but presume it will be on April 28th.  Further information will follow.

The District 5160 Spring training schedule is set, and you don't want to miss the fun and fellowship, and informative sessions that you and your club leadership have requested.

Pick the assembly that's best for you and Save the Date:

March 24th      Butte/Chico area
April 7th          Solano/Sothern area
May 19th         Redding/ Northern area

Sessions will include:

Monterey, Mexico Wheel Chair Distribution:  Jim Kirks passed the following on.  He has done this and says:  “…it was a wonderful and amazing experience.”  He highly recommends taking advantage of this Rotary opportunity.  He says that the wheel chair distribution will be one of the highlights of your life!


“We are pleased to let you know that the Rotarians in Monterrey, Mexico have invited us back to distribute wheelchairs, help them in their community service efforts and to share in their warm friendship.  From February 28 to March 4, we will renew old friendships, create new one and open another chapter of Rotary success.


Attached to this correspondence is the trip information.  If you want to join us, please simply complete the application and send it to us with the deposit.  We will help you with the rest.


As a past traveler to Monterrey, you know that the local Rotarians have planned a lot of activities for our visit.  In addition to distributing wheelchairs, we will spend a day working side-by-side with the local Rotarians on their community service projects.  Also, Rotary Foundation Trustee Chairman, Paul Netzel, will be joining us.  In his honor, and to celebrate the Rotary Foundation, they have organized a special Gala event!


We expect that this trip will sell our quickly.  We hope you may join us again.  However, if you cannot, please feel free to share this with others in your club so that they enjoy the same experience you had in Monterrey.


Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like to join us. 


Bradford R. Howard


Howard Tours


516 Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA  94610

Phone:  (510) 834-2260

FAX:  (510) 834-1019




Steve Plume is too busy being Durham Rotary Treasurer.  He told Pres. Larry that he would like to turn the Rotary Foundation Chair over to someone.  Pres. Larry asked Jim Kirks to be Rotary Foundation Chair and Jim accepted the position as long as he is able.  The goal for donations to the Rotary Foundation is $100.00 per member per year.   Steve will turn over Rotary Foundation documents to Jim.




Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meeting.  Sell them tickets to the Crab Feed.




Pres. Larry asked those who missed last week’s meeting to stand up.  He called on John Moss first.  John went to Las Vegas for a business event.  John didn’t win at the slot machines and Pres. Larry made John poorer by $20.00.

Stephen Heithecker was called on next by Pres. Larry.  Stephen donated $100.00 to the Rotary Foundation.

Then Pres. Larry asked Rev. Jim Patterson why he missed the meeting.  Rev. Jim explained that he forgot and the Pres. Larry could be indulging in elder abuse.  Pres. Larry recognized Rev. Jim for $20.00 and invited Rev. Jim to ring the bell.

Pres. Larry recognized Clint Goss for $50.00, which made Clint a bell ringer.  This included recognizing Clint for his 60th anniversary, which Clint noted should be $10.00 off.



Agriculture Finance and Trends was the title of Tod Kimmelshue’s presentation.  Tod has a long association with Golden State Farm Credit.   The Farm Credit system was started in 1916 to help farmers get loans.  It is a farmer owned cooperative.  The 5 C’s of Credit are Character, Capital, Capacity, Collateral and Condition or Control.

Almond farms are valued at $20,000 to $30,000 per acre.  Value is stable to increasing.
Walnut farms are valued at $20,000 to $30,000 per acre.  Value is stable.
Prune farms are valued at $18,000 to $25,000 per acre.  Value is limited and stable.
Rice farms are valued at $8,000 to $12,000 per acre.  Value is limited and stable.
Farmers are doing well.

California farm land has high value because of our Mediterranean climate.  350 different crops are raised in California.

Large farms are earning the most money.  Farmers don’t’ like regulations and prefer low taxes.  Farmers like foreign trade.  Farm workers are needed from Mexico and other countries through a guest worker program.   Nuts are a major export, especially almonds.  NAFTA is important as Mexico and Canada are our major agricultural trading partners.

Dairy farms are leaving California due to the price of land and regulations regarding cow poop.  Former dairy land transitions to nut orchards.

There is a consolidation of farm chemical firms.  This is resulting in higher prices for agricultural chemicals.


Must Be Present to Win Drawing:


Eric Hoiland won $10.00 for being present.



From Rotary International:

2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin wants Rotary members to Be the Inspiration

By Hank Sartin Photos by Monika Lozinska

Rotary International President-elect Barry Rassin laid out his vision for the future of the organization on Sunday, calling on leaders to work for a sustainable future and to inspire Rotarians and the community at large.

Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, unveiled the 2018-19 presidential theme, Be the Inspiration, to incoming district governors at Rotary’s International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA. “I want you to inspire in your clubs, your Rotarians, that desire for something greater. The drive to do more, to be more, to create something that will live beyond each of us.”

View Slideshow

2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin announces his presidential theme, 

Be the Inspiration, at Rotary's International Assembly.

Rassin stressed the power of Rotary’s new vision statement, “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” This describes the Rotary that leaders must help build, he said.

To achieve this vision, the president-elect said, Rotarians must take care of the organization: “We are a membership organization first. And if we want to be able to serve, if we want to succeed in our goals — we have to take care of our members first.”

Rassin asked the incoming district governors to “inspire the club presidents, and the Rotarians in your districts, to want to change. To want to do more. To want to reach their own potential. It’s your job to motivate them — and help them find their own way forward.”

Progress on polio

Rassin noted that one source of inspiration has been Rotary’s work to eradicate polio. He described the incredible progress made over the past three decades. In 1988, an estimated 350,000 people were paralyzed by the wild poliovirus; just 20 cases were reported in 2017 as of 27 December. “We are at an incredibly exciting time for polio eradication,” he said, “a point at which each new case of polio could very well be the last.”

He emphasized that even when that last case of polio is recorded, the work won’t be finished. “Polio won’t be over, until the certifying commission says it’s over—when not one poliovirus has been found, in a river, in a sewer, or in a paralyzed child, for at least three years,” he said. “Until then, we have to keep doing everything we’re doing now.” He urged continued dedication to immunization and disease surveillance programs.

Sustaining the environment

Rotary has focused heavily on sustainability in its humanitarian work in recent years. Now, Rassin said, Rotarians must acknowledge some hard realities about pollution, environmental degradation, and climate change. He noted that 80 percent of his own country is within one meter of sea level. With sea levels projected to rise two meters by 2100, he said, “my country is going to be gone in 50 years, along with most of the islands in the Caribbean and coastal cities and low-lying areas all over the world.”

Rassin urged leaders to look at all of Rotary’s service as part of a larger global system. He said that this means the incoming district governors must be an inspiration not only to clubs, but also to their communities. “We want the good we do to last. We want to make the world a better place. Not just here, not just for us, but everywhere, for everyone, for generations.”

Rolling Hills Casino-Corning Rotary Club

Clam Chowder Cook-Off

February 24, 2018



   People's Choice.

   1st place wins$500 and trophy that will be passed to the winning club each year, 2nd place wins $300, and 3rd place wins $200.

    Each team entered will receive 6 tickets to the festival.

   Chowder needs to be prepared on site at the competition.

        Contestants can set up and start chowder prep as early as 8:30 am, the morning of the event.

    Doors open at 12:00 pm until8 pm. In order to qualify for the People's

Choice awards, chowder must be served from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Teams consist of no less than 3 members and no more than 10, three team members or less in a booth at one time is recommended.

    Rolling Hills Casino will provide the ingredients for each team (refer to products list).

        Each team will be assigned an 8'x8' booth space, two 6' tables, garbage can, sanitation bucket, chaffing dish to hold chowder for service, serving dishes, spoons, and whatever basic ingredients are requested.

    Each team is responsible for its own cooking utensils, pots, and cooking stoves (propane).

    On request Rolling Hills Casino could provide a chowder base, either cream based or tomato based, which could then be doctored up to each team's specific recipe.

    Each team must prepare at least 10 gallons. This amount could change depending on the amount of contestants.

    Rolling Hills Casino will provide warming ovens for prepared chowder to ensure serving temperature.

    Guests will receive free samples of each contestant's chowder.

The guest will then vote by placing their voting ticket in the respective contestants voting container  provided by Rolling Hills Casino.

   Voting will be based on booth presentation and best chowder.

There is no overall event theme and each team can select its booth theme.

Having FUN is a must at the event.



Rolling Hills Casino - Corning Rotary Club

Clam Chowder Cook-Off

February 24, 2018



Products List (provided by Rolling Hills Casino):



1.  Canned Chopped Clams , 5 cans =51 oz. cans

2.  Red Rose Potatoes Diced , 20 lbs.

3.  Yellow Onions ,5lbs.

4.  Carrots - your choice of amounts

5.  Celery- 5lbs.

6.  Clam Base , 2 ea. llb.

7.  Milk , 6 gallons (If you use cream please bring your own)

8.  Butter -10 lbs.

9.  Flour -10 lbs.

10. Bacon- 2lbs.  raw product  (if using)

11. Old Bay Spice -1 can



Each team must make a minimum of 10 gallons of clam chowder.  Remember that the chowder must be ready to serve at 12:00 pm and we will be serving until4:00 pm. Rolling Hills will have the ingredients available on Friday, February 24th for those desiring to pick,up the ingredients provided by Rolling Hills Casino ahead of time, otherwise the ingredients will available by 9:00 am Saturday.



Check in time is 9:00 am Saturday. Teams are responsible for all recipes, ingredients (not provided by the Casino), utensils, cookware, gas stove, and holding equipment. Food must be held at 145 degrees or higher. There will be no to,go or carry out available.



Should you have any questions about the Chowder cook,off set,up or rules please feel free to contact Corning Rotary Club member Tony Cardenas (624,5086). Should you have any specific questions about the chowder ingredients please feel free to contact  Rolling Hills Chef Hobart (209,6883).


The Rotary International web site is:


District 5160 is:


The Durham Rotary Club site is:


The Rowel Editor may be contacted at:


The deadline for the Rowel 6:30 am on Wednesdays.


The Editor’s photographs published in the Rowel are available, upon request, in their original file size.  Those published were substantially reduced in file size. 












2018 Durham Rotary

Crab Feed Fundraiser

February 10, 2018


Chairman: Chris Hatch


Co-Chairman:   Steve Plume


Committees and Chairs:


1)            Kitchen Committee: set up 5:00pm, pick up food 4:30pm

a)   Larry Bradley – Chair

b)   Chris Hatch Co-Chair

c)   Committee Members:

1)   Clint Goss

2)   John Moss

3)   Eric Hoiland

4)   Spiteri Deli

5)   Robert Olea


 2)            Serving Committee: set-up 5:00pm

a)   Glen Pullian Chair

b)   Committee Members:

1)   Daryl Polk

2)   Ravi Saip

3)   Interact


3)            Set up Committee: Decorations/theme, order Rotary Brochures for 1 at each place. Have cards made indicating Rotarys value to Durham. Set up tables at 4:30pm

a) Phil Price - Chair

b)  Jim Patterson Co-Chair

c) Committee Members:

1)  Jim Kirks

2)  Interact Club - 4


4)            Bar and soft drink Committee: Set up at 4:30pm

a)   Jen Liu – Chair

b)   Stephen Heithecker Co-Chair

c)   Committee Members:

1)   Mary Sakuma

2)    Guest Volunteers


5)            Ticket  Sales  Committee:  Could  possibly  hand  the Rotary  Brochures  and  Scholarship donation here. Set up at 5:00pm

a)   Steve Plume – Chair / Cash Boxes

b)   K. R. Robertson – Co-Chair

c)   Committee Members: 

1)   Jim Kirks

2)   Jim Patterson


6)         Silent Auction – Roy Ellis and Interact to set up silent Auction.  This is a very, very important aspect of our success.