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July 10, 2018


The  2018 Harvest Festival will be held on September 16, 2018


2018                                        Calendar for Durham Rotary


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Reports from Camp Royal Students 2018
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David Little, Editor of Chico ER
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(Dayrl Polk)


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Camp Venture Student Presentation
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Mike Pembroke on "The Thread to Exceptional Leadership"
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Mike Crump will present Dennis Schmidt, Butte County Director of Public Works
29 30 31

Past President Larry Bradley opened the meeting in the absence of President Dave Jessen, at the BCCC.  He asked Camp Royal student Emily Holman to lead the pledge, which she did.  Larry then asked guest and former member Mary Sakuma then led us in a song.  She led us in singing “God Bless America”.  Jim Patterson then gave the invocation.




July 17th:  David Little, Editor of the Chico ER


July 24th:  Steve Plume will present a program


July 31st: Daryl Polk will present a program


August 7th:


August 14th:


August 21st:


August 28th:


September 4th:


September 11th:


September 16th:  HARVEST FESTIVAL


September 18th: No Meeting.


September 25th:  Club Assembly-Harvest Festival


If a Tuesday is not listed above, there is no meeting that week.






Jim Patterson introduced former member Georgie Bellin, a member of the Chico Club, and her guest Bob Adolf.  Georgie suggested that as a Durham resident Bob would make a good member for our club.


Ravi Saip introduced Camp Royal students Emily Holman, with her father Greg Holman, and Joanna Villegax-Orozco.  Ravi contributed $2 for not getting it quite right.


Mike Wacker introduced Camp Royal student Tyler Jones with his mother, Shawna Jones.


Rotary Club of Durham, CA, New Member Posting


The following have been proposed as new members of Durham Rotary:


Mike Crump

Bob Adolf




The next meeting will be July 17th.  We will have David Little, Editor of the Chico ER.


Steve Plume will get us a program for July 24th and Daryl Polk will get us a program for July 31st.






Camp Venture


Mike Wacker reported that Durham High Juniors Anna King and Adin DuBose graduated from Camp Venture on July 1st.  They were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Durham to the 5 day entrepreneurial boot camp at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA.


District Fall Seminars


As we start another Rotary year, we look forward to more great fun and fellowship with you! This year we’ll gather for our Fall Seminars in two convenient locations. Be sure to SAVE the DATE for the Fall Seminar closest to you.

Saturday, Sept. 29 - Redding, CA - Simpson University OR Saturday, Oct. 13 - Fairfield, CA - Rodriguez High School

Why should I, you ask?? :  Maybe your club wants to start hosting youth exchange students or an Interact Club.  Maybe you want to learn the secret strategies from clubs that are kicking it in membership and foundation success.  Maybe you’re ready to learn how to take & post the perfect Facebook photo or even how ONE Rotarian really can change the world.  Or you may simply want to hang out with your favorite Rotarians and get that FREE LUNCH.  Whatever your interests, we’ve got you covered! So Save the Date and watch for your personal invitation by email  later in July!

 Bev Stupek & Patricia Bergman, District Training Committee.



Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meeting.


District Awards and Installation Dinner


Dear District 5160 Rotarians,

Two important things to cover this morning -- read on.

1 --  SAVE THE DATE!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 14.  It's our annual Awards and Installation Dinner, and this one has fun written all over it.  Details and registration link will be coming out shortly, but here's a clue:  Start to think like a movie star.

2 -- Staying in Woodland the evening of July 14?  There are many reasons why you might:

For all of the above, you might want to take advantage of a very short-term hotel discount we've secured.   Here's the scoop

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 
2070 Freeway Dr
Woodland, CA 95776 lists it for $159.  This rate is $145.  The thing is, it's ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH JUNE 15. 

Stay tuned for more info -

Tina Akins, District 5160




None tonight.


Must Be Present to Win Drawing:


None tonight.




The program were three of our Camp Royal students who told us about their experiences at Camp Royal.





Tyler Jones spoke first, followed by Joanna Villegas-Orozco



Emily  Holman closed.


They then answered questions from the audience.



Harvest Festival

Following the program we had a discussion of the Harvest Festival, particularly contacting sponsors.  Larry went through his list of prior sponsors and the members who contacted them, urging them to do so again.




From Rotary International:


Strengthening the Rotary Story

In 2011, Rotary launched an initiative to strengthen our image, expand public understanding of what we do, and engage and inspire current and prospective members, donors, and partners.

As part of that effort, we established an internal definition of our brand, confirming Rotary as the organization that joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations, who exchange ideas on solving some of the world’s toughest problems, and then take action to bring lasting change to communities around the world.

Rotarians have been working hard to tell the story of our impact in their communities. Thanks to their efforts, our public awareness levels globally have grown from 60 percent in 2012 to 75 percent in 2015.

But there’s still work to be done.

Our most recent research tells us that the public still doesn’t have a true understanding of what Rotary stands for, how we’re different, why we matter, or the impact we make. They don’t know what we do in local communities or what role we’ve played in the effort to end polio. And nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they were unaware that a Rotary club exists in their own community.

As our next step in the brand strengthening initiative, we’re introducing our latest global public image campaign: People of Action. This campaign brings the Rotary story to life in a way that narrows the gap between public awareness and understanding.

The People of Action campaign communicates the essence of Rotary and reflects our values, such as:

·                  We build lifelong relationships.

·                  We honor our commitments.

·                  We connect diverse perspectives.

·                  We apply our leadership and expertise to solve social issues.

It tells our story in our own voice, which is:

·                  Smart — we are insightful and discerning.

·                  Compassionate — we tackle community challenges with empathy and understanding.

·                  Persevering — we find lasting solutions to systemic problems.

·                  Inspiring — we encourage others to take action, conveying hope, enthusiasm, and passion.

As a Rotarian, you’re also a brand ambassador. You can tell the story of Rotary and how we are people of action in communities worldwide.

To spread this narrative in a clear, consistent, and compelling way, we developed People of Action campaign materials in the Brand Center: print, digital, and outdoor advertisements, as well as videos and other marketing resources. We want to ensure that all Rotarians can support our effort to enhance awareness and understanding of Rotary.

Our story hasn’t changed. But how we share it with the world is vital to our future. Through a unified Rotary image and a clear, compelling voice, we are enhancing our legacy as one of the most respected organizations in the world.

Want to help tell the Rotary story? Read our Messaging Guide.



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