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August 21, 2018


The  2018 Harvest Festival will be held on September 16, 2018


2018                                        Calendar for Durham Rotary


 1 2 3 4
5 6 7
Camp Venture Student Presentation
(Mike Wacker)
8 9 10 11
12 13 14
Set Net Fishing in Alaska

(Jen Liu)
15 16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24 25
26 27 28
Mike Crump will present Dennis Schmidt, Butte County Director of Public Works
29 30 31


2 3 4
No meeting due to Labor Day
5 6 7 8
9 10 11
Harvest Festival Planning Meeting at Durham Community Park
12 13 14 15
Harvst Festival Field Preparation at Durham Community Park
Harvest Festival at Durham Community Park
17 18
No Meeting
19 20 21 22
23 24 25
Jon Dwyer, District Governor Visit
26 27 28 29


Note from the Editor:

Press time is 9:00 am on the day following the meeting.  If it does not get reported to me before the Rowel press time, it will not get in the Rowel for that week. 


President Dave Jessen opened the meeting, at the BCCC.  He asked Jim Kirks to lead the pledge, which he did.  Dave then asked Steve Plume to lead us in singing.  He led us in singing “America”.   Jim Patterson then gave the invocation.


President Dave reported that he had receive an email from the District about emails to members about donations for flooding.  This is not a Rotary organized fundraiser.  Ignore such emails.


Roy Ellis again talked about the Ducky Derby tickers.  For our club it is really a fundraiser for Sober Grad Night.  We get $4 of every $5 ticket sold.  So sell them or buy them.


Ravi talked about the crash of one of his planes, due to the failure of a new engine, fighting a fire.  The lucky thing was that the pilot got out and walked away with minor injuries.




August 28th:  Mike Crump will present Dennis Schmidt, Butte County Director of Public Works.


September 4th: No meeting due to Labor Day


September 11th:  Harvest Festival Planning Meeting at Durham Community Park


September 15th:  Harvst Festival Field Preparation at Durham  Community Park


September 16th:  HARVEST FESTIVAL


September 18th: No Meeting.


September 25th:  District Governor Jon Dwyer will visit.


October 2nd:  Club Assembly regarding the Harvest Festival


October 9th:  No Meeting due to Columbus Day.


October 16th:


If a Tuesday is not listed above, there is no meeting that week.






Jim Kirks introduced John Rhein visiting from Chico Rotary.


Mary Sakuma, from the Chico Club, Bob Adolf, a prospective member, were also present but introduce themselves.


Steve Heithecker introduce Mike Crump who had not been inducted yet.


Induction of a new (old) member.


Mike Crump a former member and president of the club was inducted as new member by his sponsor, Larry Bradley.  A 30+ year Durhamite, Mike had left the club when he became Butte County Director of Public Works, working in Oroville.  He has now retired and not spending all his time in Oroville.  Welcome back, Mike.






Mike Crump is being put to work right away.  He will present Dennis Schmidt, Butte County Director of Public Works.  It should be an interest program.  Have your questions ready.


There will be no meeting on September 4th due to Labor Day.   




Harvest Festival


Larry Bradley reported that plans for the Harvest Festival continuing to progress.  The problem has been sponsors.  That is picking up.  So far $4450 to date with several commitments.  However, we need more.  Some past sponsors are contributing less. 


Paradise Rotary Airplane and Car Show


The GREAT Rotary Club of Paradise is having an event coming up QUICK!!


On Saturday, Sept 8 we are having our annual (this is our second one) Airplane and Car show!! We have 3 different style caterers! We have 4 bars – BEER, Wine (some are good), Margarita, and Martini!! We have 3 BANDS too!! One is an old time “Letterman Sisters” type, 40’s and 50’s – very entertaining. One is DECADES, a well-known dance band that perform a lot around this area. And Holly – a quiet folk type singer.


The FLY IN is just $10 per CAR LOAD and that will be noon to 3 pm. We will have water, soda, and probably a food truck for snacks. At 3 pm we clear them out.


Then, at 6 pm is the PARTY and the rest on the event. Cost is just $50 per person – such a DEAL! And if you know anyone that has a great car they want to show, the car, and the driver get in for FREE!! Still time to get a few GOOD cars in.


So, please come to this GREAT event! Bring some friends!! Announce to your CLUB! If there is a cool plane that you know of, they can still register as well!! Past District Governor George Chaffey will be coming up from Concord to show his prized plane!!! Possibly 3 helicopters! A BI PLANE, with possible BI PLANE rides!!


District Fall Seminars

As we start another Rotary year, we look forward to more great fun and fellowship with you! This year we’ll gather for our Fall Seminars in two convenient locations. Be sure to SAVE the DATE for the Fall Seminar closest to you.

Saturday, Sept. 29 - Redding, CA - Simpson University OR Saturday, Oct. 13 - Fairfield, CA - Rodriguez High School

Why should I, you ask?? :  Maybe your club wants to start hosting youth exchange students or an Interact Club.  Maybe you want to learn the secret strategies from clubs that are kicking it in membership and foundation success.  Maybe you’re ready to learn how to take & post the perfect Facebook photo or even how ONE Rotarian really can change the world.  Or you may simply want to hang out with your favorite Rotarians and get that FREE LUNCH.  Whatever your interests, we’ve got you covered! So Save the Date and watch for your personal invitation by email  later in July!

 Bev Stupek & Patricia Bergman, District Training Committee.



Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meeting.







Regarding the Grinder neither Chris Hatch nor Mike Wacker were present so Chris could transfer the Grinder to Mike, who bid it in last week.


There was no one else who had anything to be recognized for.


Must Be Present to Win Drawing:


Not drawn tonight.  Probably afraid that you editor would win it again.




None tonight so the meeting adjourned early.



From Rotary International:

A challenge to clean the world's rivers

In 2009, Salvador Rico stood in the waters of the Russian River in Northern California with other members of the Rotary Club of South Ukiah. They were there for a river cleanup, during which they removed toilets, refrigerators, car parts, and garbage. That event led to an ambitious initiative called Cleaning the Rivers of the World.

After participating in the Russian River cleanup, Rico’s thoughts turned to the Ameca River, which flows past his father’s farm in western Mexico. That was where, he believed, his oldest sister contracted the poliovirus that killed her in the 1960s. 

The Rotary clubs of Ameca, Mexico, and of Rohnert Park-Cotati and South Ukiah, California, clean up the Ameca River. “I always hoped that someday I could go home and do something to turn all the sewage into pristine waters,” says Salvador Rico, the Rotary member who organized the clean up.

“My older siblings would play in the river,” he says, “and that particular river carried sewage from the city of Tala.”

Rico also thought of another river, the Lerma, which runs near his old elementary school. His teachers would let children play in a pristine tributary that flowed from a canyon but not in the main channel of the Lerma, which carried trash and toxic waste from Guadalajara. 

So when Rico’s district governor, Helaine Campbell, asked clubs to carry out a signature water-related project in 2013-14, Rico proposed a cleanup of the Ameca River.

With the help of Vicente Paredes of the Rotary Club of San Pedro de Tlaquepaque, Mexico, who connected people and worked on logistics, the Rotary clubs of Ameca, Mexico, and of Rohnert Park-Cotati and South Ukiah, California, carried out the first Ameca River cleanup day in April 2014. They have since organized more cleanups of the river. 

That project eventually expanded to become Cleaning the Rivers of the World, which has challenged Rotary clubs across the globe to clean up a river. The initiative has been adopted by the Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group as part of the Annual World Water Day Challenge, as well as by the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group. Rotarians have organized cleanup projects in Colombia, India, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, and Venezuela, as well as in other parts of Mexico and the United States.  

In 2018, Rico joined his fellow Rotarians in a project on the Lerma River. “As a kid, I always hoped that someday I could go home and do something to turn all the sewage into pristine waters,” he says. “Now I can say, with a clear conscience, that I did everything I could to leave a better world for our kids.” 


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