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September 10, 2019


The  2019 Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, September 15, 2019


2019                                       Calendar for Durham Rotary


1 2 3
No Meeting
4 5 6 7
8 9

Harvest Festival Meeting at Durham Park

11 12 13 14
Harvest Festival Set Up at Durham Park
Harvest Festival at Durham Park
16 17
Dark Due to Harvest Festival
18 19 20 21
22 23 24
Beth Parsons regarding Youth For Change
(Kristen Cargille)
25 26 27 28
29 30


Harvest Festival Debrief
(Jen Liu)
2 3 4 5
6 7
Monday Night Footbal

No Meeting

9 10 11 12
13 14 15
(Glenn Pulliam)
16 17 18 19
20 21 22
23 24 25 26
27 28 29
30 31

President Steven Heithecker opened the meeting at the Durham Park.  He asked Steve Plume to lead us in the pledge, which he did.  He then asked Larry Bradley to lead us in a very short song.  While Larry was thinking of a short song President Steve shortened it by moving on to asking Jim Patterson to give the invocation, which he did.




September 14th:  Harvest Festival Set-Up.  All need to be there most of the day starting at 8:30 am at the Storage Shed in Durham.


September 15th:  Harvest Festival beginning at 6:00 am.


September 17th:  No Meeting.


September 24th: Kristen Cargile will present Beth Parsons regarding Youth For Change.


October 1st:  Jen Liu will present the Harvest Festival Debrief.


October 7th (Monday Night):  Monday Night Football (TBA).


October 15th:  Glenn Pulliam


If a Tuesday is not listed above, there is no meeting that week.



This was the Harvest Festival preparation meeting at the Durham Park.  New member Jessica Thorp produced very good tacos from Pueblito in Durham.


The Harvest Festival setup is this Saturday and the Festival is this Sunday.  All members must be present.  Check the Work Schedule at the end of this Rowel. 


Note that all members are to meet at the Storage Shed on Saturday at 8:30 am.


Note that the Table Set Up Committee (sub-committee of the Condiments Committee) must be at the Durham Park Sunday morning by 6:00 am.  We have to get the table cloths on the 250 feet of tables, as well as the serving tables, before breakfast starts.


Note that the Craft Fair Committee must be at the Park Sunday must also be at the Park by 6:00 am.


Note that the Breakfast Committee and Parking Committee must be at the Park Sunday by 6:30 am.


Note that the Condiments Committee must be at the condiments tables behind the Captain Bob by 7:00 am.


Note that the Cashiers must be at the cashier table by 7:00 am.


All others check the Work Schedule at the end of this Rowel.


Wear your Rotary Hats!


Now you may not see me on Saturday because I am taking care of the condiments and getting them into Roy’s trailer.  Below is in my living room now.


Jen Liu reported the planning of the Harvest Festival this year is essentially complete except for set up on Saturday.  Essentially everything has been arranged for and all craft booths have been spoken for.  Larry Bradley reported that we have exceeded our goal in sponsor and added many new sponsors.



Kristen Cargile presented Nick Wilson with our $1,000 check to help students taking classes through Southern Oregon University.


President Steve also reported that he, Jen and Jessica visited Paradise Rotary, which was part of Jessica’s Red Badge requirements.




Clint Goss’ daughter Tammy and Dave Jessen’s wife Susan were introduced as quests.


Colleen Coutts, our Interact Adviser was also present.  And, while present was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her extraordinary help in advising the Interact Club and in getting the Interact members so assist us in the Harvest Festival and the Crab Feed. 


She also received a Rotary Interact Adviser pin.





There will be no meeting next Tuesday, September 17th, since the Harvest Festival was our meeting for the week.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 24th.  Kristen Cargile will present Beth Parsons regarding Youth For Change.




We have been asked whether we could supply members to man the beer booth and Sohnrey Farms Harvest Party on November 9, 2019, from 11:00 to 4:00 pm.  If we do we get to keep all the proceeds.  President Steve suggests that if we do we assign the proceeds to our first grand project.


Speaking of our obtaining a District Grant it is required that some of our members attend a session on Grant Training.  It will be held in January, I believe on January 25th but I have no other information.  The District web page doesn’t even have it.



From Brian Gray, Paradise Rotary






  • Rebuilding of Paradise NEWS




Fun in Paradise!https://imgssl.constantcontact.com/letters/images/sys/S.gif



The latest GRANT opportunities, and other things YOU can do to help Paradise



Hamburg Booth - empty

We are identifying GRANT project possibilities. Please contact me if you, your friends, your Rotary Club or District want to help us with money, expertise, or hands on.

The Paradise Signs - very large entry signs for the town. Estimated cost $156,000.00 USD



Hamburg Booth - empty

The HOPE triangle. A memorial and hope garden in the center of town. Estimated at over 1 million dollars.

Gold Nugget Museum rebuild and expansion. Estimated $242,000.00






Our School District reopened this past week! All Public Schools are reopening this week! A Charter School is reopening too!

There is PROGRESS being made! It is just slow - compared to other disaster recoveries. Remember, Paradise was over 90% destroyed. We are still clearing debris, trees, and hazards in town. And trying to get POTABLE water everywhere too.

Our Rotary Club is very active, helping to clean up an elementary school. Donating money to put in RV parking spots with services. Planning fundraisers! Please contribute today!

(This car used to be my service vehicle, there was a ROTARY logo on the back...)


Our Foundation 501c3 # is 26-2754805

Mailing address is:

The Paradise Rotary Foundation

116 Henshaw Ave # C

Chico, CA 95973





Follow Us




Also from Brian Gray of the Paradise Rotary Club:


So, Feb 1, 2020 the Paradise Crab Feed will be held at the Chico Elks Lodge, like last year. 


With a combined effort, we raised over $40,000 with a lot of Rotary Clubs pitching in and attending. 


But, more importantly, we showed Rotary unity, and that Paradise would be renewed. 


Can you, your Rotary friends, your family, your employees all help us this year? 



To All District 5160 Rotarians,

You won’t want to miss out on the fun and fellowship that is planned at our Fall Seminars!

Our Fall Seminars are just the venue for you. Please mark your calendar for the following dates:

South—October 5 location to be announced

North—October 19 in Redding at Simpson University

As the dates get closer you will receive a personalized registration invitation. Hope to see you there!




It is NOT too early to be planning to attend the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu Hawaii June 6-10, 2020! And, this is not something that can wait. While in Hamburg, Rotarians will get to register for next year's Convention in Honolulu, and now you can too.

Registration for the Honolulu 2020 Rotary Convention will open on June 1, 2019.

Rotarians everywhere can take advantage of this lowest rate at www.riconvention.org. To assist Rotarians in registering, attached is a description of how to complete registration for Honolulu 2020. Please note that you must have a My Rotary account to register, and that is easy to do with the instructions attached to this message. I've also attached a chart that shows pricing. This is the lowest, folks! I think I've attached enough info to help you to take advantage of this.


Tina Akins
District Governor 2019-2020
Rotary International District 5160





Bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Your dinner and your guest’s dinner will be paid for by the Club.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meetings. 





President Steve reported getting a photo by email of a large new truck from someone.  Dave Jessen reported that his wife, Susan sent it.  Anyway they each contributed $50 for a total of $100.


Glenn Pulliam contributed $100 for missed meetings and rang the Bell.


Eric Hoiland and Jim Kirks each had birthdays.  Eric initially contributed $10 but after Jim contributed $100, Eric raised it to $20.


Jessica Thorpe reported her 24th Wedding Anniversary and that Jim Patterson had officiated.  Since she was still a Red Badge member, she didn’t have to contribute.


Jim Patterson will miss the Harvest Festival and so contributed $100.


Must Be Present to Win Drawing:


None tonight.




Basically, Jen Liu, Larry Bradley, Ravi Saip and Colleen Coutts went through what we will be doing on Saturday for Sunday.  I left about then to get things out of the storage shed.




Twenty-Four Years Ago in the Rowel


None tonight.  Out of time.  Have to get this published by Friday.




From Rotary International


None tonight.  Out of time.  Have to get this published by Friday so everyone will have the Work Schedule below before Saturday.

Harvest Festival Work Schedule


Friday, September 13, 2019


Glenn Pulliam – Pick up beer at Sierra Nevada and deliver to Pro. Pacific

Larry Bradley - Pick up Parking Supplies at Rental Guys


Saturday, September 14, 2019



8:30                 Pick up DHF material from storage unit using Miller Glass trailer (All Members)


9:00-11:00      Parking Lot Layout – Ravi Saip, Chair

Jen Liu                       Steve Heithecker                     Anton Heitheker                       Dave Jessen

4 Interact Students


9:00-11:00      Craft Faile area layout – Eric Hoiland, Chair

Jessica Thorpe                                                              2 Interact Students                               


9:00-12:00      Hang Sponsor Banners – Roy Ellis, Chair

Daryle Polk                       Mike Crump                      Bruce Norlie                            Mike Wacker

4 Interact Students                                                               


2:00                 Beer Delivery from Feather Fall Casino              Pro Pacific Truck Arrival


3:00                 Costco Order (Ice, Hot Dog, Soft Drink & etc.) Pick-up                        - Larry Bradley, Chair

Glenn Pulliam                          Jen Liu


3:00                 Food Pick-up – Phil Price, Chair

Steve Heithecker – Pick up Tri-tip, Salad Dressing and etc. from Spatari’s




Sunday, September 15, 2019

Everybody shows up by 6:00am at the park and stays for clean up


6:00 – 7:00     Table Set-up (including signage) – Phil Price, Chair

Sue Jessen                    Jessica Thorpe                           Kristen Cargille                    Pamela Liu


6:30 – 3:00     Parking – Ravi Saip, Chair

All Day -                       Chris Hatch           Jen Liu                Steve Heithecker              Dave Jessen

7:00 – 10:30 -               Kathy (Landess) Maxwell                 Rick Landess                                    

                                      6 Interact Students

10:30 – 2:30 -               Eric Hoiland          Heidi Elick         Truman Elick                

                                      Leagh Langerwerf                            6 Interact Students


6:30 – 11:00   Breakfast – Glenn Pulliam, Chair

Mike Crump               Tod Kimmelshue           Ged Andrusaitias               Dayrle Polk


7:00 – 3:00     Cashiers, Steve Plume, ­Chair

Mike Wacker       

7:00 – 10:30 -                Sherry Swim                     

10:30 – 2:30 -                Maureen Wisener


6:00 – 10:00   Craft Fair – Eric Hoiland, Chair

Kevin Kelly                       Donn Thomson                     Anton Heitheker


7:00 – 3:00     Condiment Table – Phil Price, Chair

Jessica Thorpe (Floater)            Cindy Price                Pamela Liu (Floater)

7:00 – 10:30             2 Interact Students                                                               

10:30 – 2:30             2 Interact Students


8:00 – 3:00     Public Announcer – Kristen Cargille, Chair

Jessica Thorpe (Floater)


7:00 – 2:00            Floater/Coordinator/Food & Drink to Outposts – Bruce Norlie, Chair


9:00 – 3:00     Remote Soft Drink Booth – Lloyd Webb (?), Chair

11:00 – 3:00 Daryle Polk                              6 Boy Scouts


10:00 – 3:00   Entrance Traffic Control – Ravi Saip, Chair

Sherriff’s Posse – 2


10:30 – 3:00   Beer Booth – Bruce Miller, Chair

Mitch Miller              Sue Miller                  Helpers from Feather Fall Casino


10:30 – 3:00   Beer Ticket Sales – Sue Jessen, Chair

Pamela Liu (Floater)


11:00 – 3:00   Drink Tubs – Lloyd Webb (?), Chair

11:00 – 3:00 Daryle Polk                              4 Interact Students


11:30 – 3:00   Lunch – Larry Bradley, Chair

Glenn Pulliam             Bonnie Pulliam            Mike Crump            Client Goss                                                               

Jackie Goss                 Valerie Goss                 Tammy Goss            Jackie’s Nephew

2 Interact Student


8:00 – 3:00     Tri-tip, Hotdogs, Cole Slaw – Roy Ellis, Chair

Barbara Ellis               Steve Abshier              Chad Abshier           Client Goss

Jackie Goss                  Valerie Goss                Tammy Goss            Jackie’s Nephew

1 Interact Student


3:00 – 5:00     Clean-up ALL MEMBERS

4 Interact Students


The Rotary International web site is: www.rotary.org


District 5160 is: www.rotary5160.org


The Durham Rotary Club site is:  www.durhamrotary.org


The Rowel Editor may be contacted at: pbprice1784@gmail.com


The deadline for the Rowel 6:30 am on Wednesdays.


The Editor’s photographs published in the Rowel are available, upon request, in their original file size.  Those published were substantially reduced in file size.