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Rotary District 5160 Governor:

Tina Akins

Durham Rotary President:
Steve Heithecker
Club Secretary - Glenn Pulliam
Club Treasurer - Steve Plume
Club Program - Eric Hoiland


Rowel Editor: Phil Price
Rowel Publisher: Jen Liu



April 21, 2020


The  2020 Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2020


2020                            Calendar for Durham Rotary


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ZOOM Meeting
8 9 10 11
12 13 14
Meeting Cancelled
15 16 17 18
19 20 21
ZOOM Meeting
Anna Johnson, Durham High School Technology Chair on Chromebook Project
(Steve Heithecker)
22 23 24 25
Rise Against Hunger Event at Durham High School
26 27 28
Meeting Cancelled
29 30



          1 2
3 4 5
ZOOM Meeting
Mary Sakuma on Butte County Education & COVID-19
6 7 8 9
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No Meeting
13 14 15 16
17 18 19
ZOOM Meeting
Janet Ellis on Local Health Care & COVID-19
20 21 22 23
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No Meeting
27 28 29 30

We had our second Zoom meeting tonight.  Before President Steven Heithecker called the meeting to order he had playing music by John Prine, who died of the virus this past week. 


President Steve called the meeting to order after about 12 members had signed in.  He asked Eric Hoiland to lead he pledge, which he did (we need a flag in the picture).  Sorry, no song by Larry.  Jim Patterson gave the invocation.




All meetings at BCCC are cancelled until further notice.  But there will be meetings on Zoom as follows:


May 5th:  Mary Sakuma - Butte County Superintendent of Schools on Education Challenges & Successes during COVID-19


May 19th:  Janet Ellis - CSUC School of Nursing Faculty - Details to follow


June 2nd:


June 16th:


June 30th:  Demotion


There were 12 members present.  They were Jen Liu, Steve Plume, Glenn Pulliam, Larry Bradley, Ravi Saip, Phil Price, Eric Hoiland, Jim Patterson, Kristen Cargile, Kelly Lotti, Dave Jessen and Jim Kirks. 


President Steve then showed a video entitled “We’re Rotary, No Limit to What We Can Do.”


Kristen, Jen and Steve reported on our Rotary Grant application.  The purpose is to purchase 45 Chromebooks for Durham High School.  They had help from Chico Rotarian Walt Schafer in refining their grant application.  It will be submitted by May 1st.  They should hear by July whether we receive the grant.


The Sober Grad Night will be postponed until later in the summer.  Our money from the Sundial Riffle Raffle (adopt a salmon) project of the Redding East Rotary Club in waiting in the account, along with some additional money we added.


Steve Plume gave a brief Treasurer’s report.


Jen reported that Clint Goss has been moved to Windchime.


Larry Bradley reported that he has nothing yet to report on how we will be awarding scholarships.  As reported in the last Rowel, probably each committee member will receive and review, on their own, the submissions by the students.  There will be no live interviews.  .




The next meeting will be held on Zoom.  Mary Sakuma - Butte County Superintendent of Schools has agreed to be the program.  She will enlighten us on Education Challenges & Successes during COVID-19.


Until social distancing ends, meetings will be held every other Tuesday, at 6:00 pm, on Zoom. 


{About Zoom, go on the web and look for WikiHow Zoom.  It has the most succinct instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting.  Basically there are two ways.  Down load Zoom on your computer and after it is running, and you click on “Join a Meeting”, put the meeting ID Steve has given you, in an email, in in the screen that pops up.  [If he set up a password and gives that to you in the email, a screen pops up to enter that (thus far Steve has not set up a password, so that screen does not pop up)]. At this point you are in, although you may have to wait until the meeting leader, Steve, joins before things begin to happen.    The other way is to click on the meeting link Steve has given you in the email.  There are more detailed instructions on the Zoom website, but they spend most their time in setting up a Zoom meeting, which you do not need to know}.




Events Cancelled


1.    Our packaging of meals for Rise Against Hunger scheduled for April 25th has been cancelled.

2.    The Chico Rotary 100 year Kickoff Event dinner scheduled at the Chico Elks Lodge on April 14th was canceled, but is expected to reschedule at a later date.

3.    The Patrick Ranch California Nut Festival was not held on April 18th, but has been rescheduled for September 26, 2020.  All event tickets already purchased will be honored at that time.

4.    Rotary International has canceled its 2020 international convention in Honolulu amid growing concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

5.    Both Camp Royal and Camp Venture have been cancelled by the District.

6.    The Redding Passport to Adventure District Conference, May 1-3, has been cancelled.



From the District Governor

To All Rotarians in District 5160 -


I have an exceptional and extraordinary request of you, and all members in our district, to join the fight against COVID19. What if there was a way to help, from the safety of our homes, and make a real difference?


Our district is one of two districts leading in an extraordinary new effort, and your immediate participation is critical to its success. This program will be announced via a press release today (CNN, NYT, and other major coverage), and will be adopted by Rotary Clubs across the nation in the next few days.


The background is this: Two weeks ago, Rotarians in a local club engaged Rotary International to recruit 1 million volunteers in two weeks to sign up with Volunteer Surge, a new program that allows us to train online, for free, to become a Telehealth Worker, or a Community Health Worker. These volunteers will provide basic assistance, and will reduce suffering and save lives, locally and across the nation. How? By helping our health care providers to focus more of their attention where it is most needed.


Please click HERE  to learn more and decide how you, your friends, and family can participate. And share this link with others on Facebook, email, and other social media.

The world is watching, and we, as Rotarians, people of action, are now truly defined by our actions in this crisis.

With appreciation and thanks,



Tina Akins

District Governor 2019-2020
Rotary International District 5160






Glenn Pulliam contributed $10 for being 20 minutes late for the meeting.

Daryl Polk contributed $39 in recognition of his 39th Anniversary.


The following each contributed $10 in recognition of their birthdays:

Dave Jessen

Jessica Thorp

Norm Larson

Mike Wacker

Jon Moss

Mike Crump, and

President Steve



When we have live meetings again, bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Your dinner and your guest’s dinner will be paid for by the Club.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our meetings.  Actually, you can have guest sit with you during one of our Zoom meetings.




Kristen Cargile presented Anna Johnson, Durham High School Technology Chair. D She spoke about the technology needs of Durham High School.  Durham High needs to get more computers in the classroom.  She noted that it is easier to get into college, and be successful there, if the students have developed computer skills in high school.  Chromebooks cost $190 and with the software needed $206. 


(When I was in high school it was learning a typewriter and a slide rule.  The world has changed).




President Steve concluded the meeting by reciting a poem by Pablo Neruda which he thought was appropriate with the stay at home order.


Twenty Years Ago




Larry Bradley, Linda Landcaster, Andy Farrar, Dan Davis and Don McNelis introduced the visiting RotariaIns.  They were Skip Hubbard, Butch Meester, Barry Sherwood, Warren Brusie and Pete Mannerino.  Also introduced was Ric Landis, former president of the Durham Club and now a member of the Paradise Club












Daryl Polk was recognized for 19 years of marriage.  He contributed $19.00.


Georgie Bellin discussed her trip to Hawaii with member, Jane Ziad.  But Georgie had the Grinder and so didn’t contribute as Jane did last week.


Don McNelis contributed $100 toward his Paul Harris in recognition of his trip to the Caribbean.


Linda Landcaster and Jen Liu, with their families are going to Catalina Island for a Rugby tournament.   President Dave will talk to them about it when they return.  Jen did pay $25.00 for trading 5 acres for 10 acres. 


Richard Hothem was again questioned about out-of-date phone numbers President Dave contends he saw posted at the Hospital.  Richard admitted that he had found the sign Dave was talking about and it was in error.  Therefore his fine of a few weeks ago stands.  Since Bernie Heitpas was present, finally, he also contributed $25.00.


Joe Nock was recognized for having a new granddaughter and for his son returning after traveling around the world with the Ag Leadership Program.  Past President Steve proposed a fine of $20.00 for each event.  Joe, however, suggested that he would contribute the case of Blue Diamond Almonds that President Dave had asked him to get for the club.


Finally Georgie auctioned the Grinder for the month of May.  There was a spirited bidding.  Bill Apger thought he had it but it was reported to me afterwards that Jim Edwards, in absentia, slipped in a bid for $90.00.


From Rotary International


International delegation of Rotary leaders visits Pakistan in support of polio eradication.


Meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Minister of Health Zafar Mirza and other Pakistani leaders centered around the country’s renewed effort to eliminate polio

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan. (February 6, 2020) – A delegation of Rotary International leaders from around the world traveled to Pakistan this week to meet with government leaders including Prime Minister Imran Khan, Minister of Health Dr. Zafar Mirza, Army Chief of Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Dr. Rana Safdar, head of Pakistan’s Polio National Emergency Operations Centre.

The Rotary delegation included Holger Knaack, Rotary International President 2020-21; K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, Trustee Chair of the Rotary Foundation 2020-21; and Michael K. McGovern, Chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee. The group was accompanied by incoming Rotary Foundation Trustee Aziz Memon, who leads efforts for Rotary’s Pakistan PolioPlus program.

The government leaders praised Rotary for its prominent role in polio eradication and for providing vital financial support to Pakistan and other polio-threatened countries. Rotary members have contributed more than $2.1 billion dollars and countless volunteer hours to ending polio.

Rotary is the organization credited with initiating the global effort to eradicate polio. When Rotary formed the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) in 1988, there were more than 350,000 cases of polio annually around the world. Today, due to the efforts of Rotary, its partners and world governments, the incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent.

In this week’s meetings, the Prime Minister acknowledged recent challenges in the effort to rid Pakistan of polio, and confirmed that Pakistan considers polio eradication among its highest priorities. The Government of Pakistan has already taken a series of highly effective organizational steps to manage the polio vaccination program and provide much-needed resources to ensure the resurgence of polio in Pakistan is put to an end. General Bajwa assured the Rotary delegation of the unwavering support and cooperation of both the Army and the civil forces to ensure that every child in every community throughout Pakistan is reached with the lifesaving polio vaccine.

Dr. Zafar Mirza, Minister of Health of Pakistan confirmed the country’s improved efforts to eradicate polio, noting that during the last round of national polio immunizations, approximately 40 million children were vaccinated.

Mr. Holger Knaack expressed his satisfaction with the visit and efforts by the Government of Pakistan to eliminate polio, stating, “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with key leaders in Pakistan to learn about renewed efforts to eradicate the disease once and for all. We’re confident that with the support of the government and the Army, that Pakistan will get the job done.”

Mr. KR “Ravi” Ravindran agreed, stating, “Polio eradication is a massive effort that will require all elements of society to band together and work towards our ultimate goal of ensuring no child ever again is paralyzed by polio.”

During their visit, the Rotary delegation met with local Rotary leaders from Pakistan, which is home to more than 230 Rotary clubs and nearly 3400 Rotary members. They engaged with some of the major donors of the GPEI, and visited the National Emergency Operations Centre, where a high-tech data collection system monitored progress in real time.

While only Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to report cases of wild poliovirus, the remaining challenges to global eradication—such as difficulty reaching children amid insecurity and conflict and weak health systems—have proven to be the most difficult. In order to meet these roadblocks head on and ensure the continuation of program efforts, funding and support from donors and world governments is imperative.

The Rotary International web site is: www.rotary.org


District 5160 is: www.rotary5160.org


The Durham Rotary Club site is:  www.durhamrotary.org


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