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Rotary Club of Durham

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Holger Knaack

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Mark Roberts

Durham Rotary President: Jen Liu


Editor: Phil Price

Publisher:  Jen Liu



September 29, 2020

CRAB Feed?
Maybe Jan 16, but yet to be determined.

2020                            Calendar for Durham Rotary


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Colleen Cecil - Executive Director of Butte County Farm Bureau
(Jessica Thorpe)
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(Ravi Saip)

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This was our thirteenth Zoom meeting.  This time we had 12 members plus two guests (our program).  Where are the rest of you?  Zoom is not that hard.  After all, three of our oldest members are on at nearly every meeting. And Kelly did it from her automobile 

So none of you have any excuse not to appear at the next meeting.

The Meeting

President Jen opened the meeting asking Jessica Thorpe to lead the pledge, which she did.  Larry Bradley then gave the invocation. 



All meetings at BCCC are cancelled until further notice.  But there will be meetings on Zoom as follows:


October 6th:  Jessica Thorpe presents Colleen Cecil, Executive Director of Butte County Farm Bureau


October 20th:  Jim Patterson.


November 3rd:  Ravi Saip


November 17th:  Kristen Cargile


December 1st: Mike Wacker


December 15th:  Jim Kirks


January 12th:  Steve Heithecker-Crab Feed Prep?


January 26th:  Bruce Norlie



Visiting Rotarians & Guests

We had two visitors tonight, who were here to present our program for the night.  They were Greg Holman, Durham Volunteer Fire Department, and Dan Collins, Captain of the Butte County Fire Department, currently assigned to Durham.


Jim Kirks virtually presented to Larry Bradley his Paul Harris #3 pin.  He will physically deliver it to him at a later time.


Glenn Pulliam presented Greg Holman, Durham Volunteer Fire Department (he is also a Durham Rotary scholarship recipient and a teacher at the Durham Intermediate School) , and Dan Collins, Captain of the Butte County Fire Department, currently assigned to Durham.

Captain Collins spoke about the status of the current fires including the two new ones.  One of which is in Shasta County and the other in wine country near Calistoga.

Greg Holman spoke about the history of the Durham Volunteer Fire Department, which is now Station 45 of the Butte County Fire Department.  The station is currently manned by employees of the Butte County Fire Department and Durham volunteers.  They are looking for more volunteers.  He showed pictures of their building and equipment.

Next Meeting

On October 6th (next week) Jessica Thorpe will present a program.  The speaker will be Colleen Cecil - Executive Director of Butte County Farm Bureau - on what is impacting local AG.

The Rotary Foundation Donations

When every Rotarian gives every year, no challenge is too great for us to make a difference. The minimum gift to The Rotary Foundation is $25.00.   An annual $100.00 gift is a sustaining member.  Once your donations accumulate to $1,000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow.

It is possible to learn more about The Rotary Foundation on the Rotary web site.  Your gift can be made online or by sending Jim Kirks a check made out to The Rotary Foundation.  Send your check to James Kirks, 1199 Diablo Ave., Apt. 246, Chico, California 95973.


The Honey Run Covered Bridge Groundbreaking Event

The Honey Run Covered Bridge ground breaking took place on Thursday, October 1st at the bridge site.  You will recall that we have donated funds, along with Chico Rotary and Paradise Rotary to help rebuild the covered bridge that burned during the Camp Fire.  The caretaker’s house has been rebuilt and the pilings for the bridge are in the process of being installed.  They still need about a million and a half dollars to finish the rebuilding.  The ground breaking was attended by President Jen, Steven Heithecker, Dave Jessen and myself and my wife.  See the photos below (the first three are by Jen and the other five by me):

Above - What used to be the south gate of the Covered Bridge.  It is now an art piece.


The twisted metal in the second photo was the gate at the south end of the bridge that melted in the Camp Fire.  The next to last photo was the ground breaking, which was symbolic.

Reports and Announcements


Accessing the new secure District and Club website (one last time).

The Districts and Clubs are moving their web sites to the relatively new District And Club data base (DACab).  for security reasons.  Our club roster is on it and can only be accessed through it.  But you do have to have a user name (email address) and password.  If you have not signed up for that you need to do so now.  The problem is that simply putting District 5160 in to your search line will not get you there.  There is no separate District web site any longer.  You need to access which gets you to the sign in page.  Also simply putting dacab into your search line will get you to a list of web sites, the first of which is  This is not what you want (well, you can eventually get there through this website, but it is far more complicated).  The second one listed is This is the one you want.  The third on says something about login, but that is not it.  Apparently, logging in will take you to your district’s page and your club’s page.  Apparently, once you have signed up, the program knows which District and Club to go to for your password.


You can get there from the Club’s web site as follows: Go to the clubs web site and click on Roster.  A list of the member comes up.  But if you click on a member’s name you will not get to the member’s information.  You will  get several lines to the left, one of which is: “Click on DACDB link to log-in to the district web site”.  Click on DACDB.  This will get you to user name and password page of  Proceed as above described.


Harvest Festival:

Larry Bradley reported that our Harvest Festival sponsors have, in absence of the Festival, contribute $9,900 thus far and he expects that the contributions will exceed $12,000.

Patrick Ranch Drive-Thru BBQ

Steve Heithecker asked President Jen to thank the members who assisted at the Patrick Ranch Museum 1st Annual Drive-Thru BBQ last Wednesday, September 23rd.  The dinner was very successful.  Virtually all the tickets were sold.

Logan Bradley

Larry Bradley reported that his granddaughter, Logan Bradley, has two more chemo sessions, each of which will put her in the hospital.


Larry Bradley was recognized for his birthday.  He contibuted $10 and got a song, led by Steve Plume

Bruce Norlie confessed to having purchased a 1955 vintige travel trailer.  He and his wife also went on a 6 day cruise through the Panama Canal.  Subsequently he has purchased a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad (to tow the travel trailer).  He contributed $100 to the Rotary International Foundation and $100 to the Durham Rotary Foundation.  (I don’t know if this photo is the color he bought, but it is a color I remember).

Steve Plume was recognized, reluctantly (he had to demand that President Jen recognize him), for his birthday.  He contributed $11.


When we have live meetings again, bring guests, who you think you can interest in becoming a member, to meetings.  Your dinner and your guest’s dinner will be paid for by the Club.  In the meantime please invite Durham business owners and/or managers to one of our Zoom meetings.  Actually, you can promote membership by having a guest sit with you during one of our Zoom meetings.  Also, bring a guest to one of our occasional social gatherings in the Durham Park.

Speaking of new members, Jessica Thorpe reported that she had been in contact with John Bohannon, the current Superintendent of the Durham Unified School District.  He will be joining our Club.  He noted that he had found that it was a requirement for his job.


President Jen concluded the meeting by asking Ravi Saip to recite a famous quote.  Ravi noted that: Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain said:

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

-July 8, 2013



From Rotary International

Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the world

Funsho honored for his work with Rotary International to eradicate wild polio in Africa

EVANSTON, Ill. (September 23 , 2020) — TIME named Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho to the 2020 TIME100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The full list and related tributes are now availablle on including Dr. Funsho’s TIME100 profile

The list, now in its seventeenth year, recognizes the activism, innovation and achievement of the world’s most influential individuals.

Dr. Funsho, a cardiologist based in Lagos, Nigeria, is the first Rotary member to receive this honor for the organization’s work to eradicate polio, having played an essential role in ensuring Africa’s certification as wild polio-free in August of 2020.

“I’m honored to be recognized by TIME for my part in ensuring that no child in Africa will ever again be paralyzed by wild polio, a disease that once disabled 75,000 African children every single year,” said Dr. Funsho. “Eradicating the wild poliovirus in Africa was a team effort that required cooperation and dedication of governments, partners, Rotary members, hundreds of thousands of health workers, and countless parents who chose to have their children vaccinated against polio.”

As the leader of Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee, Funsho has worked alongside Rotary members throughout the country to raise awareness about the importance of polio immunization, encouraged governments and public figures to support polio eradication, and served as a vocal leader and advocate for Rotary’s fight to end polio in Africa.

Dr. Funsho works closely with Rotary’s partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI): the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. As a member of Nigeria’s Presidential Task Force on Polio, he has coordinated immunization and advocacy campaigns with the Minister of State for Health and the Inter-Agency Coordination Committee for Polio Eradication. He has also worked closely with the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, the Dangote Foundation, the Traditional Leaders Council and the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Nigeria.

In August 2019, Nigeria reached three years without a case of wild poliovirus. Nigeria’s progress, led by Rotary, its GPEI partners and local and national governments, was the result of decades of sustained efforts, including domestic and international financing, the commitment of hundreds of thousands of health workers, and innovative strategies to immunize children who previously couldn’t be reached due to insecurity in the country’s northern states.

On 25 August, the African region was certified wild polio-free. This historic announcement means that five of the WHO’s six regions, representing more than 90 percent of the world’s population, are now free of the wild poliovirus. The virus is now endemic in just two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rotary’s nearly 32,000 members in Africa have played a critical role in helping the region achieve its wild polio-free status by holding events to raise funds and awareness for polio, and working with world governments and national and local leaders to secure funding and support for polio eradication.

About Rotary

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. We connect 1.2 million members from more than 36,000 Rotary clubs in almost every country in the world. Their service improves lives both locally and internationally, from helping those in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.

About Rotary and Polio

Rotary has contributed more than $2.1 billion to fight polio, and countless volunteer hours since launching its polio eradication program, PolioPlus, in 1985. In 1988, Rotary formed the GPEI with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Gates Foundation, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance later joined. When the initiative launched, there were 350,000 cases of polio every year. Today the incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent. Visit and for more about Rotary and its efforts to eradicate polio.



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