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Rotary Club of Durham

Rotary International President:

Jennifer E. Jones

Rotary District 5160 Governor:

Suzanne Bragdon

Durham Rotary President: Eric Hoiland


Editor: Phil Price

Publisher:  Jen Liu



July 26, 2022


The  2022 Harvest Festival scheduled for Sunday, September 18, 2022.


2022                                       Calendar for Durham Rotary


1 2
3 4 5
No Meeting
6 7 8 9
10 11 12
Harvest Festival Kick-Off Discussion
(Larry Bradley)
13 14 15 16
17 18 19
No Meeting
20 21 22 23
24 25 26
Camp Venture Students with Camp Staffs
(Peggi Witman)
27 28 29 30


1 2
No Meeting
3 4 5 6
7 8 9
Presentation on SAE Formula Car  from CSUC
10 11 12 13
14 15 16
No Meeting
17 18 19 20
21 22 23
(Dave Jessen)
24 25 26 27
28 29 30
(Eric Hoiland)

Many thanks to Peggi for taking notes and passing it on to our Web Editor

The Meeting Opening


The meeting was called to order by President Eric Hoiland at the Butte Creek Country Club.    He asked Mike Wacker to lead the pledge, which he did.  He then asked Larry Bradley to present the invocation, which he did.   Larry Bradley then lead us in singing “God Bless America”.


FUTURE MEETINGS: Meetings will be at the Butte Creek Country Club, at 6:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.


August 9th:   At BCCC.  CSC SAE Formula Car Design Student’s presentation (tentative)


August 23rd:  At BCCC Dave Jessen presents SAE Formula Car Design by CSUC students.


August 30th:   ?????????


September 13th:  At Durham Park.  Harvest Festival Planning.


September 17th.  At Durham Park. Harvest Festival Set Up


September 18th Harvest Festival


Introduction of Visitors.


Claire Roberts, District Governor Elect for 2023-2024, Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary



Beri Kasper, Concord Rotary Club


Donna Stewart, Beri Kasper’s Mother


Diana Selland, visiting Rotarian from Chico Noon Club


Kelley Parsons, Durham Parks & Recreation District Manager


Lauren Rollo, Camp Venture 2022 Attendee


Mackinzee Lybbert, Camp Venture 2022 Attendee




Larry Bradley gave a brief Harvest Festival update. Distributed envelopes to

members that had secured sponsors for last year’s festival; updated information

for this year’s festival, requesting continued support, were included in the



Larry also touched briefly on Camp Royal. We have five students attending this year:

two boys, and three girls


Eric Hoiland reminded the group about Durham USD having their new academic

school year Staff Kick-Off BBQ on Monday, August 15, 2022. At Durham Park

beginning @ 5:30pm. It’ll be a catered event so we aren’t providing food. We’ll

need a few from our club to help with the event. Larry motioned to make a $300

donation to the school district to help with costs of the event. Steve Plume

seconded. All in favor. Motion passed.


Claire Roberts, Larry and Kelley Parsons with Durham Park & Rec Dept. 


$12,500 district grant check presentation. 


Claire Roberts, from Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary Club and our District Governor

Elect for 2023-2024; (she also was Kathy Suvia’s ‘Chief of Staff’ for 2021-2022)

gave a wonderful presentation with a $12,500 check for a district grant for our

club. ($40,000 is needed overall for this project.) This money will go towards the

new, upgraded industrial-grade kitchen unit at the Durham Veteran’s Memorial

Hall. Kelley Parsons, with Durham Parks and Recreation Department, was there

to share a few words on the project and help celebrate this milestone

accomplishment. Kelley shared once this new unit is installed, the kitchen will

have the capability to ‘cook’ foods instead of only being able to ‘warm up’ foods.


Eric touched on the upcoming fall assembly for our district, scheduled for October

29-31, 2022, in Monterey, CA. He is encouraged that a few additional members

attend the conference with him.


Eric is working on scheduling a Board Retreat of sorts in place of a general club

meeting on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. All are invited. The general timeframe of

this ‘retreat’ would be approximately 4:00-9:00pm. Eric has connected with

Candy Pierce, with the Cordelia Rotary Club, that is outstanding with her

professional presentations, similar to ‘Visionary Workshops’. This idea is to help

our club with future planning and guide us to what we want our club to look like.

Eric suggests we have a several members be part of this process.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on August 9th at the Butte Creek Country Club.   We expect to have a presentation about SAE Formula Car Design by CSUC students. 


Bring guests who you think you can interest in becoming a member.  Think of business owners or managers to bring.  Your dinner and your guest’s dinner will be paid for by the Club.  Also, bring a guest to one of our occasional social gatherings in the Durham Park or a Pizza place (Monday Night Football).




Eric recognized Larry for his 45th wedding anniversary on July 30th. This cost Larry $45 for the anniversary, and Larry added a $5 ‘fee’ since his wife wasn’t feeling up to them going away for the event this past week. Larry owes $50


K.R. Robertson’s wife, Sharon, our dedicated permanent ‘visitor’, had a birthday this past week. Sharon would not disclose her age so we don’t know how much she’ll ‘pay’ for recognizing her birthday this week


Eric recognized his trip/vacation to Hawai’i this summer will cost him $50


The Rotary Foundation Donations

You can make a difference in this world by helping people in need. Your gift can do some great things, from supplying filters that clean people’s drinking water to empowering local entrepreneurs to grow through business development training.

The Rotary Foundation will use your gift to fund the life-changing work of Rotary members who provide sustainable solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs. But we need help from people like you who will take action and give the gift of Rotary to make these projects possible.

When every Rotarian gives every year, no challenge is too great for us to make a difference. The minimum gift to The Rotary Foundation is $25.00.   An annual $100.00 gift is a sustaining member.  Once your donations accumulate to $1,000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow.

It is possible to learn more about The Rotary Foundation on the Rotary web site. 

Your gift can be made online or by sending Jessica Thorpe a check made out to The Rotary Foundation to Durham Rotary, P.O. Box 383, Durham, California 95958.


Tonight’s Meeting Program

Camp Venture attendees Lauren and Mackinzee with Beri Kasper. 

Camp Venture 2022 students that attended from Durham High School were Lauren Rollo and Mackinzee Lybbert. Both young ladies shared about their positive experience at the camp this past June. Beri Kasper, Chair of Camp Venture from 2006 until this year, chimed in on what a terrific job Mackinzee and Lauren did at the camp.


All parties were very pleased with the whole experience and it was a delightful presentation.


Must Be Present to Win Drawing:


 Steve Plume drew Bruce Miller's name.  He was/ was not present to win.




Eric then closed the meeting. _____________________________________________________________________________

From the District


The 2022-23 Monterey District Conference - World Premiere Event: The Power of Rotary October 28 - 30, 2022, at the Monterey Marriot:
Register by June 1, 2022 to secure your space to the “WORLD PREMIERE EVENT – THE POWER OF ROTARY” - October 28-30, 2022  - for only $199.  After that?  The price changes to $225 per person.  Then soon it's $250 per person… 
There’s more!  You can NOW register for
Golf on Thursday, October 27th at the Del Monte Golf Course for only $140 (includes lunch).  A Hollywoodesque-soiree on Friday evening, October 28th for $25 at the stunning Marriott Ferrante Bay View venue (dancing, dessert, open bar and stars galore; space limited).


From Rotary International



Rotary awards its highest recognition to HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

KIGALI, Rwanda (June 24, 2022) – Celebrate Community, a joint initiative of the four major volunteer service organizations, will launch this year with a focus on local community service during the week of October 10 to 16. In recognition of his longstanding focus on nature-based solutions to address the climate crisis, Rotary today presented HRH Prince Charles with its highest honour: The Rotary Award of Honour.

Presented by Shekhar Mehta, Rotary International President 2021-22, at a private audience during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali, Rwanda, Mehta expressed appreciation for the dedication of His Royal Highness toward sustainability and biodiversity and noted Rotary’s shared commitment to protecting the environment.

During COP26, the United Nations climate summit held last November in Glasgow, Scotland, the Prince of Wales encouraged environmentalists to seek nature-based solutions to global warming.

“After billions of years of evolution, nature is our best teacher,” the Prince of Wales said. “In this regard, restoring natural capital, accelerating nature-based solutions and leveraging the circular bio-economy will be vital to our efforts.”

Mehta, who at COP26 led a roundtable discussion with Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth, emphasized the critical role mangroves play in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Mangroves sequester large amounts of carbon and also protect against storm surges and coastal erosion, filter pollutants, and provide habitat for aquatic life, among other benefits.

Over the past six years, the Rotary Foundation has supported sustainable, community-based solutions to addressing threats to the environment, directing $18 million in grant funds toward environmental projects. Protecting the environment is one of Rotary’s areas of focus and Rotary clubs are positioned to make a difference in broader environmental efforts, including mangrove restoration.

Over the past six years, the Rotary Foundation has supported sustainable, community-based solutions to addressing threats to the environment, directing $18 million in grant funds toward environmental projects. Protecting the environment is one of Rotary’s areas of focus and Rotary clubs are positioned to make a difference in broader environmental efforts, including mangrove restoration.

“The sea is washing away coastlines because mangroves are disappearing,” said Mehta. “We are losing our ecosystem. Once mangroves die, our marine system and coastal communities will be lost.”

Through pioneering initiatives such as becoming one of the first countries to ban plastic bags, Rwanda is committed to becoming a green, climate resilient and low-carbon economy by 2050 as part of its national development strategy. Local Rotary clubs are taking action towards achieving this goal, having trained over 800 subsistence farms on agroecology and agroforestry methods. They’ve also led reforestation projects, and supported smallholder farmers to access biogas and green cooking energy.

The Rotary Award of Honor was established by Rotary International in 1990 to be given to heads of state and other dignitaries who have made a significant contribution to international understanding and goodwill.

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