Rotary International Theme 2022-2023




Rotary Club of Durham

Rotary International President:

Jennifer E. Jones

Rotary District 5160 Governor:

Suzanne Bragdon

Durham Rotary President: Eric Hoiland


Editor: Phil Price

Publisher:  Jen Liu





April 18, 2023


 Harvest Festival


will be held on

September 17, 2023

2023                                       Calendar for Durham Rotary
2 3 4
Community Vocational Project by Paradise Rotary Club
(Jen Liu)
5 6 7 8
9 10 11
No Meeting
12 13 14 15
16 17

Heather Lowe, Durham HS alumni teaching in Chico at the BCCC.
(Steve Plume)

19 20 21 22
23 24 25
No Meeting
26 27 28 29
Rotary Visibility Day
  1 2
Garbage Talk by Butte County Solid Waste Dept.
(Mike Crump)
3 4 5 6
7 8 9
No Meeting
10 11 12 13
14 15 16
Meet the Students BBQ at Durham Park
(Eric Hoiland)
17 18 19 20
21 22

No Meeting

24 25 26 27
28 29 30
No Meeting

The Meeting Opening


The meeting was called to order by Past and Next Year’s President Glenn Pulliam at the Butte Creek Country Club.  President Eric was late delivering his son.  Glenn asked Tom Knowles to lead the pledge, which he did.


He then asked Jim Patterson to present the invocation, which he did.

He asked Larry Bradley to lead us in a song.  He led us in singing “God Bless America”.


A card was passed around for members to sign.  It will be delivered to Sue and Dave Jessen.  They are actually staying in an extra space Jen’s daughter had in Sacramento while Sue is receiving treatment for cancer.

FUTURE MEETINGS: Meetings will be at the location noted, at 6:00 pm.


April 29th:  Rotary Visibility Day


May 2nd:  Mike Crump will present a program about garbage, at the BCCC.


May 16th:  This will be the Scholarship Awards and Teacher of the Year, at the Durham Community Park.


June 6th:  We will be at the Patrick Ranch.  There will be a Board Meeting at 5:00 pm


June 20th:  Jim Patterson will present a program at the BCCC.






President Eric, when he arrived, reported that Glenn Pulliam will be president for 2023-2024 and Peggi Witman will be president for 2024-2025.

Glenn reported on his attendance at the PETs conference.  He indicated that it was much more sophisticated than the one he attended previously.

Eric also reported on future meeting programs.  See the sidebar. 

Lastly, Eric discussed our participation in Rotary Visibility Day on April 29th.  This is a program to market Rotary.  Each club in the District is to do something to make them visible to the community.  Our Rise Against Hunger program would have been ideal, but unfortunately it has been cancelled.  The two ideas for our participation are:







1.     Cleanup of the Durham Community Park.


2.     Assist Paradise Rotary with their participation (which may include a float) in Gold Nugget Days in Paradise.


Please email Erik your thoughts, indicating which of the above you would prefer and whether you can participate. His email is:


Durham Parade

The annual Durham Parade will be held in May 13th.  They need 7 volunteers for traffic control.  If you can help contact president Eric.  They are also adding something this year.  Fireworks in the evening and they are seeking funds to help with that.

Next Rowel Help

The next meeting is May 2nd.  Your editor will not be available at the meeting to take notes (I will be in Mexico).  Jen will also not be available (he will be on the east coast with family) so he cannot take notes.  He can publish the Rowel from there.  He will have a draft of the May 2nd Rowel (which I am preparing now), but it will have a lot of blank places that need information to be filled in.  In the past Jessica has taken notes for me, but she now has other duties which may interfere.  Peggi has also taken notes last year.  Anyway, I need you to get together with anyone else interested in taking notes and agree on who will do it.  Then email those notes to Jen at If anyone else has any announcements or photographs to put in the Rowel, please email them to Jen.  Please get notes, announcements and photos to Jen by Thursday noon.  Also, all notes should be in Microsoft Word.

Introduction of Visitors.


Peggi Witman introduced Brian Grey of the Paradise Club.

Jim Patterson introduced the visitor at his table

Steve Plume introduced Diana Belland of the Chico Club.  She was here to talk about:


Chico Noon Rotary Sunday Funday Burrito Brunch.

Come brunch for a cause! Bring your kids, your neighbors, your grandma, and your friends—all are welcome at the Sunday Funday Burrito Brunch.

Join the Chico Noon Rotary on May 7th from 9 a.m.- Noon for a family-friendly morning of tasty easts and fun activities, including balloon animals, face painting, a petting zoo, a juggler, and maybe even a visit from a Disney princess!

Tickets include 1 breakfast burrito, coffee, donuts, and access to all activities. Alcoholic beverages will be available for separate purchase.

Buy tickets today—limited available!

We will have some incredible raffle prizes coming your way too!


Tickets available here: 



The Club Bell


The Paradise Club was visiting us for a second meeting in a row.  It seems that when they were here two weeks ago, one of their members (undisclosed) stole our Bell.  Their member, Justin Miley (see photo below)., while denying that he was responsible, offered to return the Bell. 

However, his offer to return it was conditioned on President Eric buying 5 tickets to their Bean Feed.

President Eric bought 5 of the tickets for $100.

Some of our newer members may not know that the steeling of a club’s bell use to happen regularly.  Often it was not returned for weeks.



Two members were recognized for their birthdays.  They were Steve Heithecker and Mike Crump. Each contributed $10 and opted out of a song.

Daryl Polk will celebrate in 42nd Anniversary on April 25th.  He contributed $42.

.Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on May 2nd at the Butte Creek Country Club.  Mike /Crump will present a program about garbage and the dump.


Bring guests who you think you can interest in becoming a member.  Think of business owners or managers to bring.  Your dinner and your guest’s dinner will be paid for by the Club.  Also, bring a guest to one of our occasional social gatherings in the Durham Park or a Pizza place (Monday Night Football).

Go to the following Rotary International web site for information on membership development: .  From this website there is access to membership development and other related information

Tonight’s Meeting Program



Steve Plume Introduced Heather Lowe.  She is a Durham HS graduate, graduating in 2017.  While at Durham High School, she was a member of Interact.  We sent he to Camp royal and gave her a scholarship.  Since graduating she has obtained a teaching degree.  She started teaching the second grade at McManus Elementary School in Chico.  She talked about how we had helped her.  In particular she discussed her experiences at Camp Royal.  Learning to become friends with and learning to rely on students from vastly different backgrounds from hers.

It was interesting to hear about what we do  for these students from the student’s viewpoint.  Makes it worthwhile.


The Rotary Foundation Donations

You can make a difference in this world by helping people in need. Your gift can do some great things, from supplying filters that clean people’s drinking water to empowering local entrepreneurs to grow through business development training.

The Rotary Foundation will use your gift to fund the life-changing work of Rotary members who provide sustainable solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs. But we need help from people like you who will take action and give the gift of Rotary to make these projects possible.

When every Rotarian gives every year, no challenge is too great for us to make a difference. The minimum gift to The Rotary Foundation is $25.00.   An annual $100.00 gift is a sustaining member.  Once your donations accumulate to $1,000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow.

It is possible to learn more about The Rotary Foundation on the Rotary web site. 

Your gift can be made online or by sending Jessica Thorpe a check made out to The Rotary Foundation to Durham Rotary, P.O. Box 383, Durham, California 95958.

Must Be Present To Win Drawing.

Larry Bradley drew Steve Heithecker’s name.  He was present to win $10.. Steve contributed It back to next meeting’s drawing.


President Eric then closed the meeting.



From the District Governor

With my purple shoes firmly on my feet, my opening line at each club visit made over the past 9½ months is, “Let’s share stories.”

The beauty of sharing stories is that to do so, we first must collect stories.

 To collect stories, we first must ask questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions.

 That’s the best part of this DG journey – so many wonderful people to ask questions of and learn from and gain insight from and… You get the idea.

For me, there is one situation that is the very, very, very, very best part of asking questions.

Can you guess what it is?

RI Convention: Join DB Suzanne in Melbourne, May 27-31.


From Rotary International

The keynote speakers at the 2023 Rotary International Convention are transforming health care, rethinking cities, advancing the cause of peace, and working to protect our environment. They share a vision of a more sustainable, equitable world. When they take the stage in Melbourne, Australia, 27-31 May, they’ll tell how that vision can be realized – not just in the years to come, but right now.

Some of the convention speakers include:

Leymah Gbowee

She's a 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate and champion of women’s rights. Gbowee led a nonviolent movement that helped end a 14-year-long civil war in Liberia. She has lived in a refugee camp, worked as a counselor for child soldiers and currently sits on the United Nations Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Board on Mediation. She’s the founder and current president of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa and serves as the executive director of the Gender, Law and Transformative Peace Initiative of the City of New York (CUNY) School of Law, USA. She was a founding member and Liberia coordinator of the Women in Peacebuilding Network, a program of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Kari Aina Eik

She makes cities smarter. She’s headed such initiatives as the United Smart Cities Program and the United Cities Organization and Funds. During more than 15 years at the United Nations and 10 years as Secretary General of the Organization for International Economic Relations, she led numerous programs to meet global environmental targets and shape the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, she is working to reimagine effective philanthropy at the SDG Impact Fund.

Gregory Rockson

He's revolutionizing health care in Africa through mPharma, the company he co-founded at age 22. mPharma uses data analytics and innovative inventory services to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals while preserving quality. As CEO, Rockson has overseen the Ghana-based company’s expansion to eight other African countries. mPharma now owns leading pharmacy chains in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, and has become the largest operator of community pharmacies in Sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership with over 1,000 hospitals and pharmacies, the company has helped more than 2 million people save on medications.

Nakeeyat Dramani Sam

She's a 10-year-old climate change activist and poet. She’s the youth ambassador for the Climate Vulnerable Forum and spoke for Ghana at COP27 in Egypt. “Have a heart and do the math,” she told delegates there. “It’s an emergency.” Sam won the “Ghana Talented Kid” competition at the age of 7 and has been honored as a Young Peace Ambassador in her country. She’s the author of the book “Nakeeyat Trees for Life” and is currently working on her next project, “One Tree, One Child.”


The convention will also feature entertainment from The Tenors, an award-winning, multi-platinum, operatic pop recording group who have performed thousands of concerts on five continents. They have performed for The Royal Family, six U.S. presidents, the G20 world leaders, on over 150 TV shows, at all the major league sports all-star games, and are coming to Melbourne to perform for attendees at the RI Convention!

Rotary members around the world will come together in Melbourne to forge new relationships and get inspired. Thanks to a world-class lineup of speakers, they’ll also find plenty of new ideas to take home.

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